Samsung electronics started out a small business in South Korea in

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: Samsung electronics started out a small business in South Korea in 1969. Throughout the years, Samsung became one of the world’s leading electronic companies. Samsung believe that living by their core values (people, excellence, change, integrity, co-prosperity) is the key to every decision they make and to a good business. Samsung mission statement is “Inspire the world with our innovative technologies, products, and design that enrich people’s lives and contribute to social prosperity by creating a new future”(Samsung). Samsung not only at hence to their mission statement throughout the years as respectfully and profitable because they stand on their five principle 1) Comply with laws and ethical standards 2) Respect customers, shareholders, and employees 3) Maintain a clean organizational cultural 4) Exercise care for the environment, health, and safety 5) Being socially responsible corporate citizen.

When creating an idea Samsung goes thru two parts when developing an product for an example a smart blue-ray player step one the communication strategy which is the brainstorming and researching process how can we upgrade or enhance our current selling product? And what are the feature consumer wants/ are in demand? Then we have the develop creative concept how the player going to look and what we going to input in the player, or it function? After they finish making the protocol type then it goes thru legal review to check to see if the product is good enough to sell.

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If it passes than it goes thru the production part where they start building the player if it doesn’t pass back to the drawing board to start over or to make changes.

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After the production part now, they move to step 2 complete compliance checklist and that is checking over the player and making sure it has everything in it or if it is working correctly. Once that part is done back to the legal review after that a final inspection to see whether it pass or fail if it passes it will go into execution which mean it will go on the market.

2) Product Definition: Samsung has created a lot of technologies through out the years such as mobile devices, home security alarm system for you home, refrigerators, soundbar (speakers), blue-ray players, personal computers, tablets, laptop, and they even offers support for all your electronics, devices, and your business need such as healthcare, educations, and transportations.

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Samsung electronics started out a small business in South Korea in
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