Sampling and Data Collection Plan Essay

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Sampling and Data Collection Plan

Simple random sampling would be used. The senior, middle, and young customers of the organization would be selected randomly to conduct the survey.

Validity and Reliability

Validity and reliability is very much important for a research. If the data would not be reliable or valid then the research would be of no use. To maximize the validity and reliability, a pilot testing would be conducted. Moreover, survey would contain questions that support the research question and help to the expected results (Validity and Reliability, n.d).

Protection of human subjects

The respondents would fill the questionnaire anonymously. Their names would not be leaked out. The questionnaire would also contain the statement that “All the responses will be treated confidential and used for the purpose of research only”. No one would get a clue that who participated in the study.

Data collection

The data would be collected with the help of the questionnaire. The questionnaire would be send to the respondents through email. Some of the questionnaire would also be given in person by giving to customers at the same time that they want to try something in the store. Physical collection of the data

The questionnaire then would be collected from the respondent after two or three days.

Protection and storage of data

Hardcopy of the questionnaire would be stored in one box and it would be labeled with key information so that it could be accessed easily. Moreover, the records would be stored in a locked room so that it does not get in wrong hands. The responses that would be obtained through email would also be protected in an effective manner. The computer would have password and it would not be accessed by anyone. Moreover, there would also be the backup copies of all data to prevent any kind of loss (HEI Records Management, 2007).

HEI Records Management. (2007). Retrieved August 10, 2014 from Validity and Reliability. (n.d). Retrieved August 10, 2014 from

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