Sampling and Data Collection Essay

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Sampling and Data Collection

For Jose Cuervo to stay ahead of the game, qualitative and quantitative data must be collected to develop the new tequila line and stay ahead of the competition. Collecting quantitative data on the tequila is relatively easy, whereas collecting qualitative data, on the other hand taking a significantly larger and more meticulous effort.

To collect such data a survey was conducted to determine whether or not Jose Cuervo should introduce a new tequila line specializing in the women market. A convenience method was used because the sample was made up of one hundred women who were easy to reach at various locations. A series of four questions regarding the likes and dislikes of tequila was made. From the data collected Jose has decided to analyze the data as follows. If, 65% of the individuals gave positive feedback then Jose Cuervo would accept and launch the new tequila line Reina de la Noche.

According to the data the one of the highest scoring questions showed that 85% of the population surveyed likes to drink tequila. Furthermore, 95% of these individuals have confidence that they would drink tequila if it were fruity in flavor. It is also very important for Jose Cuervo when introducing a new product that the value and consumption of the current high quality tequila does not weaken. Jose Cuervo believes the high scores in these categories reinforces and confirms the hypothesis. However, there are a number of challenges as it relates to the validity and reliability of the research question, the data collected, and analysis.

Challenges to validity and reliability

The results from the survey help confirm the validity and reliability of the product. Because, each experiment will not generate the same results unless we have the same size population and sample size.

The first survey question asked to the women was do they like tequila? 85 women said that they liked tequila, whereas the other 15 women that took the survey did not. The second question was as a woman would you drink tequila if it were more focused to what appeals to women? 95 women said that they would drink tequila if it were more appealing to drink than the original tequila, whereas 5 said they still would not drink tequila.

The third question was what is your age? This question was divided into four categories: 21-25, 25-35, 35-45 and 45 plus. Out of the one hundred women that took the survey 45 were between the ages of 21-25. 30 women were between the ages of 25-35. 15 women were between the ages of 35-45 and ten women were age 45 and over.

The challenges to gain the validity throughout the entire research were less. The research question has to be reworded to gain the specific answers the research need from the sample. This also did affect that data from which the sample may be miss lead or confuse by the miss wording. Jose Cuervo has to found the error without rewording parts of the research question. The fourth question was would women like this drink and how do they like the new low calorie tequila consume each week? This question was divided into three categories: zero-three, three-six and more than six. Out of one hundred women, 35 women drink zero-three drinks per week. 55 women drink three-six drinks per week and ten women drink more than six drinks per week.

Steps to minimize challenges

The first step would be to take a group of individuals to test the new liquor out. They will participate in the questionnaire with their given responses on the Jose Cuervo. The feedback will be what we need to get results from the gathered data according to what the individuals used to sample recorded. This will give us some accurate figures as to whether our line of Jose Cuervo will succeed or fail in the industry with the selected targeted individuals that we have chosen. We will then find another group of individuals to use for the test and give them the same information to receive their given responses.

Their feedback will be compared to the Group A responses. This will give us even more accurate results that we can use to complete our intended targeted information. This is called the test and retest measure for accuracy to find out if what we are doing is the right thing. The results or findings are reinforced to ensure that the hypothesis will be accepted. Without this replication of results, the experiment and research will have not fulfilled the requirements to make this a testable event (Shuttleworth).

Order of Power

Once the surveys were collected, each category was assigned a numeric value. By sorting the data using numeric values, the responses could then be evaluated using a nominal scale. Furthermore, by using this method the data was able to be analyzed statistically and allowed for the sample to be projected to a broader population.


In conclusion, the information research and analysis is used so that Jose Cuervo can be assured that the investment of launching a new tequila line will be successful. Furthermore, this information will help with the marketing and product analysis for this new low calorie tequila beverage. Since, the results concluded that 85% of the women that took the survey liked tequila and 95% agreed that they would try tequila if the flavor changed, Jose Cuervo feels confident that the new tequila line Reina de la Noche would be successful.


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