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Sample of Customer Analysis

With its global strategy underway, Whirlpool continues to strengthen its position in the market and meet its most important objective: delivering on its brand promise to consumers. Their positioning strategy is completely aligned to deliver solutions to consumers that they truly value. Though price is an important part of the equation, it is not the entire equation. Whirlpool’s goals are straightforward: “to grow the strength of brands in ways that build unmatched levels of customer loyalty. ” “Quality that Grows with You.

Ka-partner ng praktikal na nanay. ” Hanabishi’s positioning strategy is focused on the quality of the appliances and benefits that the consumer will get upon purchasing of Hanabishi’s appliances products. The positioning statement tells a continuous innovation of the company’s products. “Thinking of you”. Electrolux has vowed to remain focus in catering to the premium category for consumer household durables market where it has been known for even as it tries to penetrate to the needs of the ASEAN region, which is largely composed of developing economies.

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The company has a market position to keep and would not think of to go into the low-end product segment, maintaining its positioning for the premium category. Consumer-oriented company in which all product development grows out of insight into consumer needs. “Tatak Standard. Tibay Standard” Standard Appliances is the most trusted appliance company in the Philippines. For over 30 years, Standard Appliances has been providing Filipinos with top-of-the-line, quality appliances for the kitchen, laundry and living room; helping raise every Filipino’s Standard of living.

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Whirlpool Product Since Whirlpool is a foreign brand, the product strategy that were used in the other countries is a Multi-domestic strategy wherein there is a product customized for each market. In the Philippines, Whirlpool developed products for middle-low income consumers. Whirlpool stoves are composed of Cooktop and a combination of coooktop and a wall oven and hood. The combined cooktop and oven can be used for baking, broiling or simmering. Many range choices: single or double oven, freestanding or slide-in in both gas and electric.

Customers may choose between gas, electric or induction cooktops in 30″ or 36″ widths to fit the design of kitchen. PRICE Price ranges from a typical two hot plates stove to combinations such as cooking range and ovens for ? 5,998. 00 to Php 62,998. 00 Placement Exatech is the largest distributor of Whirlpool in the Philippines. It is also available in Abenson stores. Online store. Promotions Some of the promotions of Whirlpool are giving promos and events, advertising, online promotion, using fan page on Facebook. They are giving promos and 0% interest for 6 months of payment.

Packages are also part of their promotion strategy. Hanabishi Product Hanabishi stove works through the use of conduction which ensures that no more heat is thrown into the air than is absolutely necessary, which means lower temperatures in the kitchen. With its automatic ignition switch, tricky matches and unsafe burning papers would be a thing of the past. A single twist of a knob would do the trick. This feature means there is only one delivery port, thus using less gas. Same stringent product standards and safety features. Price

Hanabishi’s stove price ranges from P 1000 to 2000 for single gas stove, electric and induction stoves. Placement Hanabishi stoves are available in Tonix, Wilcon Depot, Abenson, Online retailer like Lazada. ph Promotions Promotional strategies of Hanabishi are product placement, sponsorship and online advertisements. Electrolux Products A rapidly emerging global middle class is demanding more products with innovative design under well-known, global brands. As a global producer of household appliances, Electrolux has a clear competitive edge.

With a strong link to the Group’s professional operations, new, innovative consumer products are being launched in the premium segment across the globe. Their stoves are more likely to be prestige composing of different designs for induction stove, gas and electric ranges. Price Gas Cooktops are ranging from 9000 to 15,200 while Gas ranges were priced P 30,000+ Placement Electrolux is continuously expanding its product offering worldwide. In the Philippines, Electrolux is somewhat available in Abenson Stores and online retailers too. Promotions Continuous innovation.

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