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Same sex marriage Essay

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By making marriage the apex of intimate relationships and the primary site for interpersonal rights and responsibilities. Marriage is not “just” anintimate relationship or sacred institution but a nexus of the personaland the instrumental, the emotional and the legal. It can be whimsy andromance, but it can also be strategy and financial respite.Until your lifepartner lies dying in the hospital and you are barred from the room, oryou lose your job for taking time off to care for (and possibly grieve for)her, it may not be so immediately and painfully apparent how instrumentalmarriage rights are.

It is striking, in fact, how quickly “rights”come to the forefront of the discourse for everyone, when the matterfor discussion is not simply (presumably heterosexual) “marriage” butis instead qualified as “same-sex marriage.”

Put these phrases into everyday conversation and ones sees the point of departure: in a conversationamong heterosexuals, the word “marriage” is most likely broughtup when someone is talking about a “happy marriage” or a “bad marriage”—an upcoming wedding or, perhaps, a marriage falling apart.

Itis notably personal and relational. Add “same-sex” to the word “marriage”instead, and a political debate is invoked. It is no longer simplya personal relationship but a civil right, a “wedge issue,” or a subject oflitigation. The articulation of marriage as a right—and specifically one denied to gays and lesbians as a class—is not itself without controversy. Is the Philippines ready to frame thepursuit of marriage equality as a pursuit of “special rights” for gays and lesbians? 1.1 Statement of the problem

1. What are the factors that trigger same-sex marriage?
2. How many percent of the population are against or in favor in same-sex marriage?
3. How same-sex marriage affects society?
4. What would be the effect of same-sex marriage to Philippine society?

1.2 Significance of the study
Thisstudy will help to prevent the idea of allowing two persons of the same gender to enter marriage. This prevents the trigger of dismemberment of each family. It will help the youths for not planning to enter same-sex marriage. It also helps them to recognize that same-sex marriage is showing immorality.

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