Sales and Inventory System Essay

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Sales and Inventory System

I. Introduction The study of Computerized Sales and Inventory System for Botika Sofia and General Merchandise is taken from the concept of Information System. One example is the Transaction Processing System. This chapter includes the Background of the problem, Overview of the current state of technology, Project Rationale.

1.1 Background of the Problem Botika Sofia and General Merchandise is owned and managed by Mrs. Olivia Delos Reyes and were established on June 1, 2012 at Damballelos St. Brgy 4 Balayan, Batangas. Mrs. Olivia a pharmacist started her business life with Botika Viatrice which is located at General Trias, Cavite and she decided to open-up a new branch here in Balayan named after her youngest daughter which is “Sofia”. Botika Sofia and General Merchandise have almost 1,700 inventory items, 10 product lines and more than 10 suppliers. It has five employees: the owner and at the same time the cashier, one purchaser and three sales clerks.

They use the manual sales and inventory system in their everyday transactions. But having this kind of system they encounter problems such as computing and recording the sales per day, monitoring of the availability of products, searching the price of the certain product, adjusting the number of stocks and monitoring the expiration of the products. To ease the problems that are being encounter by the store, the proposed Computerized Sales and Inventory system is designed to improve their every task. The proposed system will help them in computing and recording the sales per day, monitoring of the products to avoid the out-of-stock. It will also help in monitoring the expiration of the product and adjusting the number of stocks.

1.2 Overview of the Current State of Technology In Botika Sofia and General Merchandise, they use the usual method of selling to customers. There are three sales clerks who will accommodate the customers, they will write the ordered items in a piece of paper and the cashier will compute for it through the use of calculator. For their inventory, they do physical counting weekly and they fail to monitor their stocks. If the proposed system will be implemented, all of these would be computerized and be organized.

1.3 Project Rationale 1.3.1 Botika Sofia and General Merchandise This Sales and Inventory System isdesigned mainly for the benefit of Botika Sofia and General Merchandise. The system can surely bring the change in the way sales and inventory are done in the business. The study can also help the owners and the personnel of Botika Sofia and General Merchandise to obtain the actual numbers of stock and sales of products.

1.3.2 Owner The system will greatly help the owner to know the status of the company because it will generate the necessary reports and the owner will be confident that the generated data are accurate. 1.3.3 Customer The system will also benefit the customer since they will never experience situations like wrong computations because with the use of the system there is an assurance of correct computations. 1.3.4 Proponents The proponents will benefit from the study since the study will enhance their knowledge. The experiences that they gained throughout the system development will prepare them to face the business world. Moreover, self confidence, cooperation and communication skills will be improved.

1.3.5 Future Researches The documentation of the system aims to give the future researches a research basis and reference to be used to improve existing system. It will enhance also the capabilities of those who plan to conduct similar study.

1.3.6 STI College Balayan The special project will give significance and serve as an honor to STI College Balayan. It will also serve as a proof of their excellence in quality teaching.

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