Sales and Inventory Essay

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Sales and Inventory

The growth of small business is fast and their impact on the economy is becoming bigger. How to manage the inventory effectively and efficiently often is a challenge for these small businesses. The study took place at COMETZ II TRADING, a company involved in car accessories. For COMETZ II TRADING two inventory problems, stock-out and overstock occur frequently. The company wants to improve its efficiency and is con-sidering a change in the inventory management. Cometz II Trading is the one of the biggest supplier of car’s accessories and tools having five outlets in Batangas.

Elmer Cometa Guda, the owner of Cometz II Trading, started its operation in 1995 at Mahabang Parang, Batangas City. In 1998, Mr. Guda launched a new branch in Sta. Rita, Batangas having three workers only. When the company succeeded, they introduce the biggest branch in Batangas hiring eight workers and operate new facilities in 2003. When Mr. Guda saw the big opportunity to open a branch of Cometz II Trading in Banay-banay, he grabbed it in 2005 and in 2008; he built the last branch of Cometz II in Tambo, Lipa city having its two workers.

To make the checking of stocks easy, our team is planning to create a “sale inventory system” program for their company. In this system, they do not need to take long hours of reviewing the number of items they have purchased and sold. It will also help the company to accommodate one year warranties to all the products they are offering.

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