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Sales and E-Marketing

The sales of start media is a large array of products from autos to videos. Its various branches in Europe and Asia have boosted its presence. The primary growth is in their telecommunications, tourism and travel. The newly developed feature namely the “Weather Channel Interactive” which has revolutionized the interactivity and navigation (Jose, 2008). The weather feature has enabled their sales to a large extent.

The company’s revenues skyrocketed with the bulk of operations in selling information about various product sections like autos, finance, entertainment, telecommunications, travel and many others.

The more the visitors, the better their revenues from the advertisers.

The internet portal which was predominantly launched in Spanish and Portuguese is now available in almost all major languages in the world. Their revenue is also dependent on the traffic for watching videos online and weather navigation.

The basic sales are driven by the large internet traffic for all its brands. Their online sales are not only the proportion of the actual sale of products and services, but also on the occupancy of bandwidth and traffic to their website for online streaming of music and videos.

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The availability of the website in various languages has enhanced their vision to make it available for the entire world.

The classifieds section has added a large content for the large number of users; it has promoted sales to a great extent (Barrett, 2000).

The information propagation services encompassing every industry in the classifieds section makes it a one stop solution for every visitor to access information.

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This feature has enhanced traffic to their website.

The E-marketing aspects for StarMedia are as follows:

  • Incorporation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies – This can be well felt as search engines are optimized for the various tags. The SEO factors ensure better search results for all its services. The distinguishing point is that it is optimized for performance in Europe region more than all over the world due to the performance statistics (Strauss, 2005).
  • Personalization of content: The extensive use of web 2. 0 strategies has been exploited to a large extent. The various features of web 2.0 like blogs, RSS, podcasting, mobile streaming of music and video has resulted in wide spread of the concept among all age groups. The incorporation of online watching of video like music, news, weather navigation has resulted in great attraction over the internet.
  • Entertainment section: This section has been revolutionized by star media over the years. It has uploaded a large number of online videos which can be streamed over the internet at ones accessibility.
  • Online forums and chat services – This section has been newly incorporated in the website to bring more users to the website and to offer feedbacks and comments on their services.
  • Web banners: The marketing of the star media is also enhanced using web banners and ensure better handling of the electronic marketing strategies over the internet.
  • Infomediary services – The prime channel for providing information is a direct way of promoting the various industries at the same time. In the entertainment section, starmedia has enabled comparison of various product ranges which also stands true for travel packages. The comparison of the various brands is one way a great deal of marketing for the principal company. The more number of hits on the comparison of various brands enables the principal organization to invest on their website for promotion to fetch a better market for their goods and services.


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