Sales Essay Topics

J & J Automotive Sales

Replicate business and referrals from pleased clients are fundamental to success in selling. The longer you work in sales as a professional person committed to treating your customers right, the higher and higher will be the proportion of your business emanating from repeat business and customer referrals. By contrast, think about the stereotype of the… View Article

Sales/Marketing Interview

“Sales and marketing departments, which ought to work together in a symbiotic, supportive way, too often get bogged down in turf wars”, suggests Carol Krol, author of the research article devoted to the problem of Sales & Marketing departments unable to find their way in the maze of today’s business jungle. Whether or not, such… View Article

Sales Tax

OBJECTIVE             The objective of this work is to discuss sales tax issues from the viewpoint of both the citizen and the Budget Director. Reviewed will be issues of ‘volatility’, ‘reliability’, and ‘equity’ as well as how the sales tax impacts activities of government such as economic development, community initiatives and service provision. Finally this… View Article

Sales Management

In order to find a solution to his situation, Evans and those suffering from similar problems have to explore the factors that depress their sales. Diagnosing weaknesses in sales performance is the first stage in improving the level of sales. Sales management is about achieving specified goals. The main aim is to raise sales volume… View Article

Sales And Persuasion With Elm

Selling creative work is a more challenging task compared to selling shampoo or burgers. The existence of tension between sales people, art designers and clientele can be a very frustrating experience. On one end, artists, being artists always creates according to the intent of the client and rarely according to the cost of the portfolio…. View Article

Marketing Relationship in the Organisation

Relationship marketing is a form of marketing developed from direct response marketing campaigns conducted in the 1970s and 1980s which emphasizes customer retention and satisfaction, rather than a dominant focus on point-of-sale transactions. Relationship marketing differs from other forms of marketing in that it recognizes the long term value to the firm of keeping customers,… View Article

The selling process

The function of sales has become more and more challenging in recent times due to a number of factors. While there is a continuous rise in the costs of selling, one finds that customers are increasingly resistant to price increases. Buyers are becoming more and more demanding in their relationships with vendors and would-be vendors… View Article

Sale Transaction

Scholarly accounts narrate of a sale transaction between the early 17th century Dutch settlers in Manhattan (Island Manhattes then) and the Indians occupying the island. In the article written by Francis (n.d.), the sale transaction took place in August 10, 1626 (381 years ago), and amounted to 60 guilders (E.B. O’Callaghan, ed. 1856 Documents Relative… View Article

Trying To Sell An IPod

Have you ever ridden a bus or the train feeling bored without no one to talk to and wishing that you were listening to something good? Have you ever got on a car or other public transport vehicle or went to a public place where the music that is playing is somewhat not your preference… View Article

Nursing Home Facility

The following essay summarizes case studies discussed in Nursing Home Facility Risk Factors for Infection and Hospitalization: Importance of Registered Nurse Turnover, Administration, and Social Factors (Zimmerman, et al. 2002) and Surveys, Studies Overwhelmingly Support Staffing Ratios (Atkinson, 2005). All the case studies examined involve the rate of nurse turnover and understaffed facilities which have… View Article

Persuasive Memorandum

Under Armour has established itself as a highly successful sports wear brand, the reason for its success is the fact that products manufactured by U.A are designed with full understanding of an athlete’s needs. The U.A’s branded store at Annapolis appears to be highly popular among sports enthusiasts as it offers them a unique opportunity… View Article

Computerized System

7.1 Architectural Design 7.1.1 Entity-Relationship Diagram Fig. 7.1.1 Database model On the figure above, the table “item_description” contains information about the items in the inventory. This is where the data for new items will be stored and updating of information of existing items takes place. Notice that, the table “critical_items” has only two attribute which… View Article

Functional Areas of Business Management

Abstract A summary of the sales and marketing functional areas of an organization’s structure as an examination of the overall role and responsibility of the managers of each area. The sales manager’s primary goal is the development, implementation and evaluation of the strategic goals they desire to achieve with the sale organization to be able… View Article

Some Good Marketing Funda

Some good marketing Funda! you can find much more at the link provided in the end.. Do read.. Marketing GD me mast points hai bolneko! When we think of marketing, we often think of Marketing’s efforts to acquire customers. The world, however, is moving toward relationship-based business, including subscription services and subscription commerce—but also most… View Article

Key Account Team (KAT)

As a result of the recent meltdown in mortgage-backed securities market, C&B’s changed its internal processes so as to react competitively and increase its market share. Two key changes occurred: the creation of a Key Account Team (KAT) and the restructuring of the division-wide performance management system, which would help determine a salesperson’s annual compensation…. View Article

Buff Spalding – Manager’s Workshop

Part I: Decision History – Buff Spalding Situation: Buff Spalding seems to have all the personal skills necessary to be successful but is not. Everyone appears to like Buff, and he is quite helpful to his coworkers, but it is not clear how Buff maintains his life style given his low earnings. How would you… View Article

Data Mining

What is meant by the term “lift”? The term “lift” describes the improved performance of an exact or specific amount of effort on a modeled sampling, as opposed to a random sampling (Spang, 2010). In other words, if you are able to market via a model to say, a given number of random customers (e.g…. View Article

Distribution Plan

The distribution and delivery section of LEAPh Incorporation aims to satisfy and create values for the customers in which the company operates. The distinguishing characteristics of the business will be the combination of management experience, sales and distribution experience, high quality, innovative products and exceptional customer service. In particular, the Leading Philippines Incorporation will do… View Article

Feasibility Study

This Feasibility Study was made possible by the guidance, supervision, cooperation and participation of the following: To the Almighty God who always looks up and secures the safety of the preparers in doing this project. To our parents who always guide and give words of wisdom to inspire us in doing our best in preparing… View Article

Fastenal Case

The comprehensive document is an overview of Fastenal Canada LTD and how it relates to sales management. The document first provides an introduction to the problem and company background of Fastenal, which includes a description of various views of Fastenal. It further goes into detail about the recommendations that relates to the two main parties… View Article

Haidilao Touchpoint

Haidilao is an emerging restaurant brand in China. I like it because it brings me delightful dining experience. When I am waiting for a table in the restaurant, the waiters will bring me some free food, and it also offers free nail art service for women and free shoeshine service for men. When I am… View Article

Sales force automation

Sales force automation (SFA) is an integrated system of computer software and hardware that performs routine sales functions. Within Customer Relationship Management, Sales force Automation (SFA) is used to automate functions of sales and sales force management (). SFA is an integrated system of computer software and hardware that performs sales functions. The use of… View Article

Marketing Techniques

The main thing behind marketing in a business is finding the customer’s needs and produce the product/ services to satisfy their needs, this way the customer can choose what they would want included in their product/ service. A business that follows this rule is market-orientated. There is alternatives orientation for businesses, these are; The production… View Article

Personal Selling

Step 1: Prospecting Prospecting, involves the Money, Authority, Desire (M.A.D) approach. Firstly I analysed my prospective clients to ensure that they had the money, authority and desire to purchase the products I was selling. Upon analysis I realised that since my target customers were friends and colleagues who themselves had authority on their purchases I… View Article

Point of Sale System (POS)

Introduction Point of sale (POS) or checkout is the place where a retail transaction is completed. It is the point at which a customer makes a payment to a merchant in exchange for goods or services. At the point of sale the merchant would use any of a range of possible methods to calculate the… View Article

Sales Promotion

Sales promotion is of paramount significance in today’s marketing world by which marketer want to make their product reachable to their desired customers mind for making him or her remind regarding purchasing their product. For this term paper my selected topic is sales promotion which is one of the branches of marketing where I will… View Article

Importance of Selection of Sales People

Sales people are the front line of many businesses in the sales division. If a business has a shop front where customers come and have to inquire about potential purchases, current purchases or prior purchases then more often than not a salesperson is their first port of call. While it may appear that technology and… View Article

The Marketing Game Rules

OK, lets begin, after just listening to all the presentations in my class I have heard all the information I can stand. It is really discouraging to find out that some people didn’t even read the book at first or even that for the first 3 rounds they had not selected a target market. One… View Article

Case Brief of Terracog Global Positioning Systems

In this case, there is an Organizational Conflict between Sales Department and Design & Development Department in TerraCog. I regard the sources of this conflict as the Differences in Functional Orientation and the Task Interdependence. First of all, I believe that different functions of the departments’ develop different orientations or beliefs about the right way… View Article