Salary vs. Satisfaction Essay

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Salary vs. Satisfaction

Money is an asset that all people need and of course want more of. Choosing your professional career can be a very tough decision between the jobs that will provide a higher income or the outcome of your personal satisfaction. Indeed having a high-paying job saves the financial stress that millions of people have, but what happens when your satisfaction runs out? Society has brainwashed each other to believe that the higher the income the happier you are, but is money really the key to happiness? Working for the satisfaction can make an employee develop stronger and steady goals rather than someone that dreads going into work could create more of a negative attitude towards work. There are other things that are by far way more important than salary when deciding on a job or career.

Researching the truth if money really can buy happiness is a study that takes more than just filling out a bubble survey. Lisa Henderson, author of the 2010 Salary and Satisfaction Survey, mentioned that more pharmaceutical companies are looking for more regulatory, stronger qualities, and knowing the clinical roles while hiring employees. Henderson (2010) also states that employees struggle with the workload pressure that tan employee can develop due to not being fully satisfied with the work environment. Situations that threaten your personal income or the fear of unemployment create an enormous level of stress.

Authors Bang-Cheng Liu and Thomas Li-Ping Tang developed a study in China on the satisfaction of full-time public sector professionals as well as a part-time student. A quote that Liu and Tang mentioned in the article read, “Money per se does not lead to pay satisfaction. The value of a given reward is not absolute, but is relative to other rewards with which is compared (Greenberg and Ornstein 1983).” Personally I cannot speak on behalf of the public sector professionals in China, but I can relate that money does not pay the satisfaction that I want nor need. Speaking from five years experience as a football coach made me realize that the passion that I have for football would never feel stronger than even wining the lottery. There are times when I really do not know how I am going to finically pay for my needs or want, but there are the times where I feel the chills go down my spine because my team just scored the winning touchdown.

The pride and joy that I can share with my students, parents, and coaches can never be replaced by a quantity of money. Money can only satisfy someone for a period of time before they develop the greed and need of more money. I will always remember a movie that my mom wanted me to watch because she felt that I need to give more to others rather than myself. Movie by the name of Pay It Forward (2000) changed my view of money and satisfaction a full 360 degrees. The movie is about a young boy that is given a school project by his social studies teacher. The boy has a dream to change the world for the better just by creating efforts to develop good deeds for someone else but that person would have to make a promise to “pay-it-forward”. I felt that with positive emotional actions I could make the people around me happier even if they chose not to “pay-it-forward” towards someone else.

Even if I had all the money in the world I would never allow my ego to overpower me. Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings mentioned in their article about how the relationship between the attitude of workers and their greed for money creates a mentality that money is the only thing that matters. I am glad I am able to be content with what I have rather and wishing I had more money.

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