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Saint Catherine of Siena: Doctor of the Church

Remains a greatly respected figure for her spiritual writings, and political boldness to “speak truth to power”.Saint, Mystic, Doctor of the Church, and Stigmatist. As a mystic, God gave her the mission to “heal the wounds of the Church Pope Urban II Leader of the Roman Catholic Church who asked European Christians to take up arms against Muslims, starting the Crusades Pope Gregory VII reformed a lot and determined to challenge secular authority. Because Pope gregory shortly died after returning to rome, Pope urban was elected.

The french wanted another puppet pope and they thought they had found that in urban VI, however he was rigid and stood his ground.

He declared a war on every moral abuse. He was overzealous and violent and even saint catherine of siena tried to intervene French cardinal french cardinals invalidly elected Pope Clement because they said the last election was out of fear. Consequently beginning the western schism. Anti-Pope Clement VII Six months after his election, the French cardinals returned to Avignon and declared that they had invalidly elected Urban out of fear and under duress.

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The French Cardinals then voted for the antipope Clement VII in place of Urban VI. Conciliarism Belief that Church councils have greater authority than the pope. This is considered. A heresy. In their belief, a council could depose rival claimants to the papacy and choose a compromise candidate.

Western schism The Western Schism, also called Papal Schism, Great Occidental Schism and Schism of 1378, was a split within the Catholic Church lasting from 1378 to 1417 in which two men simultaneously claimed to be the true pope, and each excommunicated one another.

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