Saggy Pants Essay

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Saggy Pants

Sagging pants is a trend that begun in the 1990’s with inmates in jail. The phenomenon came from homosexual men inviting other men to perform sexual activities with them. Fashion is a trend. Humans today look up to celebrities and tend to mimic their actions. If rappers and media socialites sag their pants, common society will also sag their pants. In order to put a stop to this outrageous mockery, society has to realize the demeaning nature of this act. Trends come and go. They rarely stay for a long period off time. Whether they pass as time goes on or change with the aging of society, they all pass. Some trends cycle, as the cycle of life rotates so do trends. Sagging pants is a different kind of trend. Society does not understand or know where the trend came from. Nevertheless, do they know what it means. If society knew that sagging your pants illustrates some invitation of homosexual activity, I would image that they would not partake in the activity.

The group “Pull Up Your Pants, Respect Yourself” has taken the rational of fining people that sag their pants out of context. The only threats sensibly related to the action of sagging your pants is the disrespect to ones self and indecent exposure to the public. To go as far as placing a fine on someone for the way he wears his clothing is insanely drastic. The uproar that can come from such a thing happening can be catastrophic; society will claim that it’s unfair and unrealistic. I do not agree with the fine. The reasoning is realistic and understandable but the logic is not. Sagging your pants is disrespectful not illegal. The economy and clothing industry would face a negative impact with the fine going into effect.

Society would stop buying a particular type of clothing, which would cause a glitch in the economic cycle. Not as much money would be spent on clothing therefore not as much money would be made by the clothing industry. Workers at the clothing industries would not get paid as much therefor would bring less money home to spend. One change affects another. Such a negative impact on the clothing industry and economy should be put into consideration when deciding whether to pass such a fine.

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