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School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety
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ANALYSIS OF THE STUDY OF BALLISTICS AMONG CRIMINOLOGY STUDENTS A Term Paper Presented to the Faculty of School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety University of Baguio In Partial Fulfilment on the Requirements for the Subject Effective Writing Cyril P. Bannagao Jet Lee B. Lang-agan July 2018 Introduction Ballistics, in the most general sense, is the study of firearms –‘guns’ in the vernacular. As a term of art , ballistics technically refers to the study of a bullets path from…...
Gun Control Policy For School Safety Of American Students
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To the attention of the President of the United States, Donald Trump Key highlights Since 1970, there are more than 1300 school shooting incidents in the U.S. Since 2009, at least 177 schools in U.S experienced a shooting. Within the last ten years, school shootings are significantly increasing and happening more often. Over the past decade, there have been at least 180 school shootings with 356 victims across the US. In 2012, a school shooting happened in Sandy Hook Elementary…...
Effect of closed circuit television on school safety
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BACKGROUND TO THE PROBLEM Technology have influenced every sphere of human life. Education system has not been left behind. Schools have continually used technology in various spheres of their operation. For instance, in school security schools have embraced the modern technologies to track children and their activities and keep them safe. These modern technologies include CCTV, fingerprint identification and RFID (radio-frequency identification) chips. The first video surveillance system was installed by Siemens AG at Test Stand VII in Peenemunde, Germany…...
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My Friends Speech
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Good morning to the principal, teachers, and fellow students. I am honoured to stand here to give a talk. My talk is entitled ¡°Safety Measures in School, at Home and on the Road.¡± In school, we must ensure that the visitors sign-in is not dangerous. This is a part of responsible to a school guard. So, he must to check carefully whether the visitor has brought the dangerous tool or not. Next, all the students must follow the laboratory rules.…...
School Safety
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Abstract School’s safety and security have been taken into consideration. After the past few historical events, that have changed the way that citizens look at school’s security and safety has changed dramatically. School districts and the government are taking action in fixing this problem that is continuing to become worse. Their goals are to make these schools a safe environment for students and staff to attend to. The ideas and bills that have been made and are taking place are…...
School Bus Safety
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According to the National Center for Statistics and Analysis, since 1996, an estimated 1, 387 crashes were school-transportation related. This indicates that despite increased education, harsher laws for DWIs and similar crimes, and new slogans splayed on billboards and television ads such as dont drink and drive and buckle up, these have largely fallen on deaf ears. A popular cartoon, The Simpsons illustrates this point best with Otto, the bus driver, often neglecting stop signs, driving wildly, and even having…...
Metal Detectors: Justifying School Safety
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How much is your child's safety worth? Are you willing to put a price tag on your child's life? Many schools are putting a price tag, but fortunately several are not. A shocking one in ten students has carried a weapon to school in New York. Statistics like this cannot be music to the ears of parents. You have to wonder what schools are doing about this awful matter. A notion that has been around, yet a new idea is…...
Health and safety in schools
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There are several key pieces of legislation that impact on how schools manage the health and safety of both their employees, and others who come into contact with the school. This will include pupils, visitors, support workers and parents. Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 defines original structure and authority for the enforcement of workplace health, safety and welfare within the UK. It is the primary piece of legislation covering occupational health and safety in UK. The HSE/local authorities…...
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