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Essay on Safety In The Workplace

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The Safety at Work

The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 This is the main piece of legislation that covers health and safety in work places, also for both employers and employees have to make sure that all work is carried out as safe as possible. Employers have the right to protect their employees and other people. Employees have the right to expect that their employer is doing everything they can to protect them at work. But employees are responsible in protecting…...

Guidance Notes on Manual Handling Operations

Manual handling operations guidelines " Manual handling operations" implies any transporting or supporting of a load (including the lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, bring or moving thereof) by hand or physical force. "load" is anything which is moveable, e.g inanimate things, individual or animal. PREVENT- anywhere possible, avoiding a hazardous manual handling scenario is constantly more effective EVALUATE- if avoidance is not possible, making an appropriate and enough evaluation of the threats is the next step LOWER- by following the…...

Health And Safety In The Workplace

INTRODUCTION It is vital that organisations abides by specific health and safety laws to ensure that not employee is harmed within the workplace. Firstly most organisations would consider the hazards of the workplace; these are the factors that could potentially harm, damage or injure someone or something during processes used by the organisation. Then most organisations would consider the risk of each hazard, this means the probability of the hazard actually causing harm or injury [1]. Identifying the hazards and…...

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ABC Chemicals: Avoiding Workplace Chemical Hazards

After reading the scenario about ABC Chemicals it was obvious that there were several apparent hazards and risks that I identified which needed to be assessed and either eliminated or controlled. These can be achieved using different Legislative measures and Codes Of Practice(COP) which is relevant to their Industry. By Looking further into the chemicals that ABC handle we can assess the presentable hazards Solvent: most solvents are either flammable or highly flammable, this is dependent on their volatility. When…...

Policies Procedures And Programs

Activity 1: Accurately explain to the work team relevant provisions of WHS Acts, regulations and codes of practice. The impact of a workplace injury is wide reaching. Explain. The impact of workplace injury is wide reaching because when hazards of physical and psychological type affect a worker, the impact is not only on the person, but also on the life, the family and of course on the future plans, as well as high compensation costs that the company will have…...

Employee Monitoring

Employee Monitoring: Employer Safeguard or Invasion of Privacy? Employee privacy has been a controversial topic especially with the rise in internet usage, the popularity of social media increasing, and the addition of GPS to mobile devices. With these advances in technology there are numerous ways for employers to monitor their employees’ time at work. According to Evans (2007) as many as eighty percent of the employers, who employ twenty percent of the American population, monitor employees’ telephone conversations, e-mails, and…...

Health and Safety in the Business Workplace

P2 Describe the requirements for a healthy and safe workplace, as applied to the physical environment and equipment used, in a selected business Heavy duty item/equipment should not be placed on high heights to prevent accidents that could cause harm Those kept at high heights should be light objects which cannot cause injury to students of members of staff. Items should also be organized in a form that prevents any occurrence that could cause harm. Students should also be advised…...

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