Safety Critical Aviation Systems Essay

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Safety Critical Aviation Systems

Japan the country one of the financial powerhouse in East. It was 12th of August 1985, an early evening after sunny day with moderate temperature and clear sky for city of Tokyo. Though everything had been easy going, but 500+ people on and their faith was on stake. Japan was about to witness the greatest disaster in history of commercial aviation. Those 500 passengers, many crew member and flight attendant were not at-all prepared for such uninvited journey that would lead them to the death path.

The Japan Airline Flight number 123, the commercial specially modified jetliner manufactured by Boeing, more popularly the plane is known as Boeing 747. JAL-123 plan takeoff from Tokyo for one hour aired journey towards Osaka, just 45 minutes after takeoff the plane was crushed into fine pieces at Mt Osutaka, Gumma prefecture, more popularly know as Tibet of Japan. JAL-123 claimed lives of more than 520 passengers. Sunny day evening turned out to be Pitch Black.

JAL-123 had it own story to tell, the mere distance and negligible time required for flight to reach the destination, still flight attended the height of 24,000 feet. Heading towards south JAL-123 had reached the height of 24,000 feet and took sharp right towards west, at 6. 27 p. m. the air-traffic controller started to collect the sign data from flight cabin. This was nothing but the emergency signal 7700. Masami Takahama, age 49 was the captain of this flight and had good experience of commercial jetliner since 1966 and had 13,000 hours of flight experience.

Captain Masami Takahama t father of two sons and one daughter, the most experienced pilot of Japan, managed had to keep JAL 123 in air 30 minutes after the flight tail had broken. This was great for a captain and Masami kept JAL-123 to float above sea for such great deal of 30 minutes time. Still it had to smash Mt. Osutaka. This was never before disaster in domestic airways and was very new to Japan that Boeing 747 which was considered to be very reliable had crashed like anything. It was time to investigate and point towards the culprit.

This took much time than expected and Japan Airline relied with 20% of the responsibility and rest was pushed onto the manufacturers none other than Boeing 747. Analysis and Preposition According to the data collected and analysis and description of the JAL-123 crash accident, it can be reported that flight had been at too high altitude of 24,000 feet which was unusual for domestic and short distance airplane, the fatigue might have caused because of the less maintenance, or less recursive process of quality check from the manufacturers.

The heavy booking and tight flight schedule might be another reason for speeding up or taking JAL-124 more than its actual performance. Moreover the accident happened in 1985, so the most probable reason could be insufficient maintenance of flight as the testing facility and maintenance strategies were not so developed as compared to today’s highly computerized testing and maintenance facility.

If you ask me the judge the reason that might come to my mind after making a rough research on the topic, I would reach to the point where I can say that, yes the maintenance was very poor and had lacked iterative process of testing each and every component that makes Boeing 747 fly. It was also hard for people from Boeing to digest the fact that Boeing was into pieces and had claimed death toll more than 524 people and that too for domestic flight run.

JAL-123 had communicated with air traffic controller and controller knew what was wrong with the plane. There is also a dense possibility that air traffic controller failed to provide good and survivable solution to flight JAL-123. JAL had no such provision for maintaining of structural integrity after series of repair and changes. JAL was busy in making business and entertaining passengers than looking at aviation safety aspects. This was thoroughly revised and inspected after the incident.

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