Safest Ways to Listen to Music

Music is a very important aspect of many people’s life including my own. I listen to music almost constantly from the time I wake up playing music on my speaker to the time I listen on my record player to calm down before bed not to mention working out and walking to class with earbuds in. The thought of how much I listen to music has left me to ponder can this much listening be dangerous for my hearing and if so, which way of listening is the most detrimental to my hearing.

The research I do on this subject is not only for myself but for the audience and everyone else who listens to different forms of music during their daily lives.

This essay will explore the different ways to listen to music and how they affect your hearing, as well as explain which forms of listening are the safest. It is well known that listening to extremely loud music is horrible for your hearing.

So obviously listening to loud music has lasting and permanent effects on your hearing. A prime example of music played too loud are concerts. At concerts, the venue is often large and there are a lot of people so the speakers are turned all the way up to reach all the people with a clear sound. The recommended maximum sound level to listen to music is 85db while at concerts, the level often exceeds 100db (packer). So, it would be much safer to go to a concert with earplugs or something that can dampen the high level of volume even though I personally believe that takes away from the experience.

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Earbuds seem to be even more dangerous to hearing than concerts according to research.

According to the article Six Tips to Save Your Hearing from the Dangers of Earbuds, “1 in 5 teens experience hearing loss due to the higher amount of earbud use in today’s world.”(Nicholson) The danger comes from how close the speaker is to your ear and how easy it is to raise the volume to unsafe levels, as opposed to the use of less modern headphones which surround the ear instead of being inside of it, which is a far safer alternative (Fujimori). The fact that earbuds are so dangerous is very alarming to me because I spend most of my time at school with them in my ears walking to class as well as while I work on homework and when I go to the gym. According to, a safe listening limit while using earbuds is 85db. The website also explained that a maximum output of 115db can cause permanent hearing damage in 15 minutes, which tells us that anything more than half volume on an iphone is close to dangerous in headphones. A safer alternative to earbuds are larger noise canceling headphones.

The issue with this type of device is they are almost always more expensive than regular earbuds, so if you want to continue to use earbuds in a safer way, closely watch your volume level. When this essay prompt was introduced to us, I knew immediately what my subject would be. Music is so important to me and many others who listen daily. I have researched this specific topic in hopes of educating myself and others on how to safely listen to music so that you do not have to limit the amount of time you listen. I feel very strongly about music and am very excited that I better understand the way in which it is best to listen and then relay this research to my audience. From my research, I have determined that the amount of time you spend listening to music poses little threat to your hearing. It is more about the ways in which you listen and the devices you use to listen to those songs. Music is something made for enjoyment and that’s exactly what everyone should ​do  just at a safe volume level.

So, the safest ways to listen to music are to avoid inside the ear forms of speakers and enjoy your favorite songs at appropriate levels. Trust me, you will be thankful as you get older that you can still hear those special songs because you were responsible as a young kid. Everyone loves to blast music, but it is simply not worth the risk. Music is something that should be a simple joy with zero worries, I believe that it is and will always be as long as people don’t use it at dangerous levels. If you are reading this, do not let it stop you from listening, this is just a warning to be safe, continue to enjoy.


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