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Physical abuse is when someone hurts another person with deliberate harm by hitting throwing burning or slapping signs of physical abuse can be bruising, cuts, broken bones or other injuries. Sexual abuse is when someone is persuaded or forced to be involved in sexual activities or are encouraged to act in inappropriate ways. Signs of sexual abuse can be self harm, change in appearance, behaviour changes e. g. becoming withdrawn committing crimes.

Emotional and psychological abuse can be any act that affects mental wellbeing or that it’s leading someone to believe something will happen, this can include bullying, being ignored, humiliated or manipulated in to doing something. Signs for this type of abuse can be low confidence, unable to trust, difficulty forming relationships. Financial abuse is when someone mistreats or uses fraud to control another with their finances forcibly. This can be by stealing, preventing them from working or by taking control of all financial decisions.

Signs of financial abuse are unpaid bills, no money for food, clothing or medicine or money missing from the bank. Institutional abuse is failure of an organization to provide appropriate and professional service to vulnerable people e. g. policies and procedures, poor care standards, things that may take away choice, dignity and rights. Signs of abuse maybe inflexible and non negotiable routines, lack of consideration of dietary requirements.

Self neglect is when people fail to attend their basic needs such as personal hygiene, feeding or failing to tend to medical conditions they have signs may include, Malnourishment, Dehydration, Confusion, Inappropriate, clothing or Under or over medication. Neglect by others is the failure to provide adequate care, nutrition, medical care or any other needs they are unable to do for themselves. Signs of this type of abuse may include over sedation, bed sores deprivation of meals causing malnutrition and untreated medical conditions.

Everyone has a professional and moral duty to report any witnessed or suspected abuse to their line manager, which should be then referred to social services so that every case can be assessed right away. You can also report suspected or actual abuse using the whistle blowing policy. If someone tells you they are being abused sit and listen to them and let them know it’s your responsibility to report it straight away to stop it from happening.

When talking to them repeat back to them what they have told you to make sure it’s correct to make sure you have the full facts of their complaint. To ensure evidence of abuse is kept safe all evidence should be kept in a lockable cupboard/place, and only those that would know that it was there would only be people that needed to know about it. There are national policies that set of requirements for safe guarding individuals they are * Care quality commissions (CQC) they are the regulator for all health and social care services in England.

A regulator is an organisation that checks services meet the government’s standards or rules about care. * Mental capacity act, its primary purpose is to provide a legal framework for acting and making decisions on behalf of adults who lack the capacity to make particular decisions for themselves. The local and organizational systems for safe guarding are * Care quality commissions. * Social services. * Multi disciplinary team can include doctors and nurses. * Families. * Next of kin.

Different agencies and professionals that are involved in safe guarding individuals are * the council – to protect the people that use their service to make sure they are safe * social workers – to investigate actual or suspected abuse and neglect * CRB checks – to check that individual pasts don’t pose a threat and that they don’t have any criminal convictions that could be a risk * Police – for anything criminal like assault, fraud or theft. * Medical professionals e. g. octors nurses – they can diagnose and treat and record this can include photographic evidence * CQC – to regulate and check care providers are meeting standards

* Support workers/ any care giver – they work closely with individuals to notice changes of behaviour or other things like bruising. A social care workers role is to ensure that vulnerable people get the care they require to standards met by national and local organizations they have a duty protect individuals from harm and are responsible for ensuring that services and support are delivered in ways that are high quality and safe.

All health and social care providers (e. g. health authorities and social services departments) and all associations that regulate health and social care professions should have a complaints procedure. It is good practice to provide service users with information on how to complain; this information should be readily accessible on health and social care premises.

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