Safe Travel Essay

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Safe Travel

Modern life is impossible without traveling. First of all, in towns or cities the majority of us are committed by trips to school and work every day. For some people it’s a real travelling to get from the house to work. They are going by the underground, then by bus or by taxi. Occasionally we have to go to other city or country on businesses. After a year of hard work, people receive a holiday, and they do not like to spend it sitting at home.

Millions of people all over the world spend their holiday travelling. They travel to see other countries and continents, modern cities and ruins of ancient cities, to enjoy picturesque landscapes or just to change the situation. It is always interesting to discover the new, to see, how different the life can be, to meet new people, to try unusual dishes, to hear unfamiliar musical rhythms. Most travelers and holiday-makers take a camera with them and take pictures of everything that interests them the sights of a city, old churches and castles views of mountains, lakes, valleys, plains, waterfalls, forests, different kind of trees, birds, plants and animals.

For those who live in the country, it is pleasant to go to a big city and to spend time, visiting museums and artistic passageways, examining storefronts and having dinner at exotic restaurants. City dwellers usually like quiet holiday at sea or in the mountains, when it is not necessary to do anything, except walking, bathing and idling, lying on a beach.

Those who are going travel on business or for pleasure, have at their disposal various means of transport. The fastest one is the plane. It’s better to book tickets in advance. In the very day you go to the airport by car. Soon you will be sitting in a big plane, and it will bring you to new lands. Sitting in a plane, you can look around yourself. The pilot and the crew are in the front cabin. Passengers can relax in comfortable seats. – (944 words)

Air Travel

Q: Air travel only brings advantages to the rich people. But the majority of people do not benefit from it. To what extent do you agree?

The proliferation of air technology has changed our world, air travel is one of the most welcome transport type. There is a viewpoint that only rich people enjoy the benefits brought by air travel. I do not support this opinion.

Nowadays, air transport is a part of public transportation and air travel is afforded by people. Most of the seats installed in every airliner serve the common passengers. Rich people could choose first class or business class, even though they felt more comfortable, the fly experience, safety, the convenient and time-saving brought by air travel are all the same as well as economic class. As the air plane technology is advancing and globe air transport market competition is fiercer, cheap air travel has been born which bring many benefits to public. The engineers will make air plane flying longer with less fuel-consumption, meanwhile, the competition, in the same airline, gasping more passengers, between many air companies give more choice to individuals who can choose the No. depend on their situation, specifically, such as money, time and position.

On the other hand, corporate jet is too expensive to afforded by common individual. Although personal car is afforded by common family, the price of small airplane are accepted only by rich people, so that free flying is a dream that many person having. Only small part of rich people have their own airplane and air port, due to the high maintain fee. It is evident that air transport technology could be used in other field. Scientists and engineers are inventing fly cars, combined with fly abilities, the new transport which can resolve a serious problem – traffic congestion in city. Once this product come to realistic, everyone will enjoy a cheap, fast and convenient flying experience as their wish, sound like in the film .

Advantages of Travelling

In our modern times, when travelling has become easier, domestic trips and foreign journeys are more popular with people. Although almost everyone is willing to participate in such events, there are still some people, who prefer staying at homes to visiting other places. What are the advantages and disadvantages of travelling?

To start with, journeys are one of these kinds of entertainment, which make people feel cheerful and happy. According to many people’s believes, temporary change place of living improve human well-being or even bring an excitement. Secondly, apart from being a great source of enjoyment, travelling is also a perfect way to relax. Consequently, thanks to going on trips people can forget about their problems or daily life and duties even for a while. Furthermore, journeys are claimed to broaden people’s knowledge about foreign cultures. Not only can people find out more about other traditions and customs, but also learn some history, improve language skills or taste in local cuisines.

Nevertheless, travelling requires a larger sum of money which is connected with transport, accommodation, food and some extra expenses. Therefore, an average man is not able to spend his money on it systematically. Moreover, trips, especially abroad journeys seem to be very tiring. It may happen that it takes many hours or has uncomfortable conditions and as a result travelers feel sleepy, exhausted or annoyed. Additionally, travelling is often associated with some kind of risk. People who visit other, extremely different nations, cannot be sure how to behave in some situations, particularly when they do not know language. Then, they can easily offend locals, even if they do not want it.

On the whole, travelling has both advantages and disadvantages. Despite numerous drawbacks like high costs, tiredness and risk, it is a fantastic way to spend free time, which makes our lives more interesting.

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