Sacrifice and Civil Society

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There are several different characteristics that are necessary in order to maintain a civil society. Sacrifice is one of them. Sacrifices can be made by giving up physical things, emotional things, and giving up opportunities that would drastically change one’s life. Physical sacrifice is when you feel sick and tired but you have to go to work, because your coworkers cannot handle all the work without you.

Emotional sacrifices can be just as tough as physical sacrifices. They can be stressful as well.

For example, mothers sacrifice a lot for their children. They give us opportunities and chances to change their lives and follow their dreams, to become dedicated mothers. A mother’s love is always willing to give up happiness in exchange of her children’s joy and success. They always make sure they are on the right path. So, everyone of us sacrifice in a daily basis, and yes it is necessary if we want to survive. This world has become a jungle, in which, who is the strongest win.

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Sometimes we prefer to be lazy and stay home, but if we do that we would lose our jobs and there will be no food in the table for us and our family. Life sometimes makes u think that this is a test and is in your hand if you want to pass it or not. Everyone sacrifice, some for their families, some for themselves and some for their friends. This creates a civil society, a society which is considered as a community of citizens linked by common interests and collective activity.

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Personally I have started to sacrifice in a very young age. When I turned 17 years old I decided to move in United States by myself with a foreign exchange program. After 10 months of living with my host family, i moved to Boston because my cousin lived there. But nothing was like I expected, my cousin had her own family so i couldn’t stay at her house for so long. After 2 weeks I had to move with roommates and find a job in a diner near my house. From an only child and spoiled, I was working and doing everything by myself without my parents help. I had to do all this sacrifice because my dream is to make my parents proud and be someone in this life. Even that most of the time I used to feel lonely and homesick, had to stay strong and think about the future. And here I am four years later in U.S. going to college, working and living my independent life. Was my journey easy so far? No it was not, because I haven’t seen my family and my friends for all the time I have been here. But it’s better for me to sacrifice in this age, to study hard, to work and to be somebody rather than staying in my hometown Albania, which is a very corrupted and not emancipated country. In this case politics in my country made me to immigrate in U.S. for a better life and to sacrifice my happiness and staying away from my family and friends. My sacrifices have been emotional and physical ones.

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