S-Cart Self-Checkout Trolley in Hypermarket Essay

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S-Cart Self-Checkout Trolley in Hypermarket

In this journal, we will discover about the ‘S-Cart’ and self-checkout trolley. First of all, S-Cart is a business plan to market self-checkout trolley. It also helps to target the hypermarkets in Malaysia and is designed to facilitate the payment process at the same time to make it more effective and efficient. One of the companies K-Trend had already focused this kind of activity in Malaysia. There will have some survey regarding this S-Cart can be used in hypermarkets and the value proposition.

Based on the survey, there have many problems in the hypermarkets such as the customers need to line up in a long queue even if they have purchased a few items. Because of this reason, S-Cart has needed to apply in the hypermarkets. The company K-Trend was designing a solution to address consumers’ frustration about ineffectiveness of checkout lines, inconsistency of price tagging, and other complaints. S-Cart is designed with RFID technology.

The function of S-Cart is when the shoppers drop or take out the item from trolley; it will automatically calculate the total price for them. In addition, when the shoppers finish his/her shopping, the shoppers will just need to walk across to the exit door with protectors and this will automatically deduct the total amount from shopper’s card value. This is an alternative method to reduce the cashier’s work, an ingenious solution for long queue hassles.

It is also an added value for shoppers in terms of fast payment process and avoiding long queues. The whole process will be done automatically without human control, and it is a reliable and secure payment process. Basically the writer also introduces the company K-Trend background and how the K-Trend strategies sustain itself in the competitive environment by using Michael Porter. There have four strategies which are growth, financial, technology and marketing strategy.

There also has a diagram which regarding about the development of the S-Cart in Figure 2. 1. As a result, S-Cart can be the part at the hypermarket. Customers or shoppers will start need to know how to use it at the hypermarket. The concept of S-Cart is formed through research carried out on the market needs, environmental needs and needs of the current trend in shopping. Lastly, the writer had given the information about K-Trend SWOT analysis so that we can know how the K-Trend can still survive in this kind of business environment.

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