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Ryanair and Virgin Atlantic

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Essay, Pages 2 (473 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (473 words)

Both of them are recent creations in airline transport business, they started life in competition with major national flag carrier airlines and grew to be major challengers to these established companies. Virgin Atlantic’s air transport business originated in the long-haul, mainly transatlantic market which might be highly profitable but is also extremely competitive. It attracts passengers by offering a superior experience and is firmly positioned at the quality of the market.

Publicly material emphasizes style and comfort, and there is a range of in-flight extras which, even at the economy end of the price range, includes in-flight food and drinks and packs of ‘amenities such as flight socks, eye shades and lip balm.

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At the Virgin Atlantic, cabin crew is there to be helpful and welcoming; Their job is to encourage the all-important customer loyalty which generates continuing profit. This company brings together all manner of people in all manner of roles, all playing a crucial role in the smooth running of very complex operation.

But whoever you are and whenever you join the organization, you will never stop thinking of customers and what you can do for them. From frontline cabin crew to IT analysts, everyone here plays a role in delivering the Virgin brand. So everyone plays his/her own part in maintaining the friendly, unconventional professionalism that makes Virgin Atlantic such a unique place of work. From here we can conclude that Virgin Atlantic company’s organizational metaphor is organism, according to which organization is seen as behaving like a living system.

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In the same way that biological mechanisms adapt to changes in their environment require an adaptable type of structure. Ryanair – as a concentrated low cost airline in Europe is successful, because they have very low costs and airfares, but many hidden charges, that only become apparent once you are in the booking process. They fly to popular locations, but to airports that are further away and cheap in terms of landing fees, etc… The standard Low cost model.

Virgin – they are a leisure airline, and have very good PR that allows them to take good market share on popular routes, and also they diversify on unusual leisure routes, where they can not benefit from having a domestic network, such as BA, who tend to fly out of Heathrow or Gatwick on leisure routes. According to this information we can say that Ryanair’s organizational metaphor is machine, which suggests that organizations can be esigned as if they are machines, with orderly relations between clearly defined parts. Viewing organizations as machines can provide the basis for efficient operation in a routine, reliable and predictable way. This form of bureaucratic structure offers form, continuity and security. However, it may have adverse consequences and limit the development of human capacities. Organisations viewed as machines function better in a stable and protects environment.

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