Russia Essay Topics

After the Dance

Writing Topic: What point does Leo Tolstoy’s story “After the Dance” (pgs. 71-75) make about Russian society? What moments or details in the story help to convey this point? Explain in a carefully written essay, supporting your argument with evidence from the text. Tolstoy’s “After the Dance” is essentially a representation of Russian history and… View Article

US Foreign Policy with Russia

If the United States needed to get rid of Russia form inside out then it could have come up with a more strategic policy than the so called “strategic relationship/partnership” From several aggressive foreign policies to miss leaded advice and undemocratic pressure pending, the US government has brought in some fraction of the so called… View Article

Meteor fall ‘injures hundreds’ in central Russia

A meteor crashing in the Urals of central Russia has reportedly injured at least 400 people, as the shockwave blew out windows and rocked buildings.Most of those hurt suffered minor cuts and bruises but some received head injuries, Russian media report. A fireball was seen streaking through the sky above the city of Yekaterinburg, followed… View Article

Vladimir Putin

Introduction             Vladimir Putin was born on October 7, 1952 in Leningrad, former Soviet Union. He is the president of Russian Federation. In 1975, Putin attended Leningrad State University and obtained the degree in International Law. He was the member of Communist Part of Soviet Union in his university. He continued to be an active… View Article

Bric: Culture, Values, and Business Ethics

INTRODUCTION BRIC, represents the countries Brazil, Russia, India, and China. These countries are known to be at similar stages of economic growth. The BRIC countries have had a huge success in the past decade with their industrialization and economic success. With the BRIC countries emerging as economic powerhouses and the increasing number of foreign counties… View Article

Political Culture of Russia

The nature of Russian political culture and by extension its politics has been shaped and molded over the previous centuries. While we can by no means attribute its entire political culture to a single event or time period, we also can’t point to a time period, say the Soviet time, and draw our perception of… View Article

South Korea’s Gdp and Imports

After knowing the about the main cities in South Korea, to understand business practices one must know about the countries wealth. South Korea has an overall gross domestic product (GNP) of one trillion two billion eight hundred twenty-five million two hundred seventy-six thousand one hundred twenty US dollars (See appendix A1). The GNP per person… View Article

Emerging Economy Of Russia

Since Russia suffered the economic crisis in 1998, its economy has grown steadily. The growth has been attributed to investments, consumer demand, the prices of oil and cheap ruble. Since the financial crisis, Russia’s financial position has improved, with the poverty level declining and the middle class improving. The country has the third largest oil… View Article

The Country I Live in

I living in Russia, love our country and is proud of it. The official name of our country is The Republic of the Russian Federation there are 21 republics and 65 other regions in the Russian Federation. The key symbol of Russia is the troika. The Nation government of Russia consist of the President, the… View Article

Poor Liza Character in 20th Century Russian Literature

It is no accident that the name that is attributed to the heroine in a number of Russian novels of the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries is named after some derivation of the name Elizabeth. Karamzin is the first to revere this name in his work Poor Liza and it is this work that sets… View Article

Leipäjuusto Export Project

This paper aims to focus on producers’ strategy and steps when they try to enter new market place – Russia, with specific product. This product is Leipäjuusto. It is Finnish fresh cheese traditionally made from rich milk from cow that has recently calved. Then it was dried. It could be stored for a few years…. View Article

Russia, Democratic or Not

Russia should be considered a semi-democratic country. They have the characteristics of a democratic country, yet at the same time they don’t. For example, they have freedom of speech but to an extent. As shown in a round table discussion show that’s been on air for years. But, its only good things are spoken about… View Article

Russian Cultural Differences in Business

First of all, considering that Russian is my native language, I will warn that it is extremely hard for an American to learn Russian. Grammar is difficult, and we use the Cyrillic alphabet. But this will not be a big problem because every person with higher education in Russia speaks English fluently; we start learning… View Article

The October Manifesto

Assess the following statement: ‘The October Manifesto marked the formal end of autocratic government; for the first time the Tsar was forced to share his law-making powers’ The October Manifesto was a vague but insincere promise of political reform, issued by Tsar Nicholas II at the height of the 1905 Revolution (J. Llewellyn et al,… View Article

Soviet Union

Name_____________________________________________ Unit Four: Ethnicity 1. Define ethnicity:_____________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 3. List the four ethnicities mentioned in your text and list their regional location and percentage of the U.S. population: Ethnicity Region % in U.S. 4. List two cities where African Americans are concentrated and give the percentage of population they make up in these cities: 4.a._________________________________________________________________________________… View Article

Peter the Great

Tsar Peter was born in 1672 to Tsar Alexis and Natalya. Peter the great was his self-given title, officially he was Peter I. Peter was one of the most controversial figures in Russian history. He achieved many fits but he did this through brutal techniques whereby he concluded that ruthless reform was necessary to overcome… View Article

Anna Karenina: a Different Kind of Love

Progress is “the development of an individual or society in a direction considered more beneficial than and superior to the previous level (”. Anna Karenina, written by Leo Tolstoy, is a book filled with tragedy, love and choices. This novel can be interpreted in several different ways, but the most common interpretation is that Anna’s… View Article

Was Lenins Leadership the Main Reason for Bolshevik Success?

Although initially Lenin was the one to make the Bolsheviks overthrow the Provisional Government, there were a number of long term factors that led to this revolution. The Provisional government were so weak that it meant that the Bolsheviks were the only party able to seize power in October 1917. The fact that the Provisional… View Article

Why Was Russia Difficult to Govern?

There are many reasons why Russia was difficult to govern, such as the size and diversity of the country and many differences in opinions contributed to the resentment of the government which in turn made the country very difficult to govern. One reason Russia was difficult to govern was because of the size and diversity… View Article

Informative Speech

Shay McNeal’s Secret Plot To Save The Tsar states that, On July 17, 1918, the Tsar, his wife, and their four daughters and ailing heir were led down to a basement in Ekaterinburg, Russia, and murdered in cold blood by a Bolshevik firing squad. The DNA analysis and identification of the bones were the conclusive… View Article

Differences Between Us and Russian Business Styles

Everyone knows that the key to effective communication is knowledge. And cross-cultural communication is not an exception to the rule. Quite the contrary we have to know not only the basic data about our foreign partner, but also we ought to be acquainted with numerous rules and standards of behavior established in his or her… View Article

Russia Pestel

Recent dissolution of the form Communist state of the Soviet Union to the Russian Federation. Russia’s economy is in transition from a a state-controlled to a market-controlled economy. •Vladimir Putin, moved to reduce the political influence of oligarchs soon after taking office, forcing some into exile and prosecuting others. Bbc Still strained relationship between the… View Article

A Brief Summary of Russia’s History

Russian history is filled with an immense amount of events. Many great and horrible rulers have also ruled over this piece of land. For example, Ivan the Terrible/Great was one of the first well-known and beloved tsars of Russia because he was the first to conquer the Mongolians in 1500. This feat earned him the… View Article

Influence of the global crisis on Russia in 2008

The recent global crisis has been a turning point in the economies of many countries. Its origin can be traced back to the economic meltdown that hit the USA starting the year 2007. The crisis was mainly felt across the world thereafter due to the economic influence of the countries that it later hit. The… View Article

Imperial Russian Middle Class

Before the late 1900’s Russia was primarily an agrarian country with a government in the hands of the Tsarist regime however with the advent of the Industrial revolution in Russia changes happened within Russian society resulting in the creation of an Urban middle class. The result of the industrial revolution was that Russia underwent a… View Article

History of Russian Thought

Russian political and social thought remains a mystery to many historians, often insisting that Russia neatly follow western European categories of development and thought. Rejecting this odd sort of Euro-centrism is the first task of the intellectual historian, and from this point of view has Walicki made his career as the west’s premier historian of… View Article

Economy of Russia

Russia as a country has transformed significantly since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The economy has changed from a globally-isolated, centrally-planned economy to a more globally-integrated market based economy. The economy of Russia has gone through fluctuations since then to emerge as the eight largest by its purchasing power parity (PPP) in 2009 estimates… View Article

American Intervention in Soviet-Afghan War

During the Cold War, the United States resolved to take a shot at the Soviet Union by siding with Afghanistan and taking great measures to stop Soviet influence and communist ideology. In 1979, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in an attempt to expand its influence in the Middle East with the absence of American influence…. View Article

Russian Economy in the Late 1990s

The process of economic transformation in Russia has been marked by a prolonged transitional depression and macroeconomic instability: seven years of continuing decline resulted in a cumulative drop of GDP by more than 40% between 1989 and 1996; in that period there were also several outbursts of near- hyperinflation. The first radical effort to tackle… View Article