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Rural Peasant's Diary

Categories Economics, Life, Literature, Money, Writing

Essay, Pages 4 (836 words)



Essay, Pages 4 (836 words)

Diary Entry #1

May 31, 1789

As usual, when I woke up this morning, I followed my daily routine. I heard of a huge crowd of people buzzing about something when I went to the barn to feed the animals. There were usually several women gossiping about the town news, but today there was something different than the other days. There were nearly all of our city’s men and women, and they seemed very serious. I would normally have gone over the fence to listen to what they were talking about so seriously, but I decided not to.

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That’d be due to my father, who caused trouble in our house again.

My father lost his job in Paris for quite a long time. Our family moved to Brie after he lost his job, where it was perfect for us to run the farm and live in peace.Until now, our family lived in peace, without much troubles. And suddenly, my father caused an accident yesterday.

He had a bet with his friends, and lost a lot of money, after falling into their trick. Now that he lost most of our precious property, our family is seriously out of money. And this concern about money had been giving me a headache for the whole day. Thinking of this made me feel even more depressed. Just a fact that I’m imagining my future gives me sighs, because I’ll have to work really hard and not be married to pay all the debts off.

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(Poverty RW) I am already afraid that landlords are going to chase our family down to extract all the money, and the products that we’ve harvested.(Powerlessness of the 3rd Estate)

Anyways, this was like the main reason why I passed the crowd without asking a single question about the big news. As time went by, I started to be curious about the news, but I was embarrassed to ask anyone, since I was like the only one in the town to not know of this news. Without really thinking of embarrassment, I decided to casually stop by at my best friend, Claudette, and ask about this whole thing. After the long gossip, I finally got to know about the news. It was about the angry commoners in Paris. Despite the fact that people of this village receive news much later than others, everyone already knew about the recent situation in Paris. I wonder how angry commoners are going to deal with the king and nobility. I’m actually quite excited to hear about this “serious situation” in Paris.

Diary Entry #2

June 8, 1789

Today, I woke up early in the morning with some fear about my life and this world. Although I’m an uneducated person and I’m pretty late at hearing news, I’ve been hearing a lot about the conflicts between estates. As most people already know, people of the Third Estate are required to pay unbelievable amount of taxes. I was one of the poor peasants who needed to pay these high taxes, but there was no way for us to show our anger towards this unfair taxing system. So all we did was to work harder, because if we were not able to pay the exact amount of tax as required, we had to receive this cruel punishment.

Besides, the landlord was always bothering us to work harder, so that we can pay the right amount of taxes on time. Which was so unfair and irritating for us. And this happened to anger the us (The Conflicts between the Third Estate and the Second Estate). I was extremely furious when I heard about how the nobles lived. Due to my living environment, it is very rare for me to be hearing stories about the royal family or the nobles. So, when I heard about the luxurious life of Marie Antoinette, from my best friend Claudette, I literally felt miserable. And I would not complain if the nobles lived luxurious lives with the money they earned my themselves, but they did not. They did not earn the money. Instead, they are using the money of ours!

The precious money of the Third Estate! All the taxes that were collected from the poor commoners were all going under the hands of the filthy nobles. And making things even worse, I have this debt that I need to pay soon. I’ve been asking everywhere for a job, but it was not easy to find a job in such a short period. My father is trying to fix this problem that he caused, but I don’t expect that he would be able to pay this huge amount of money by himself. I wish I could live as Marie Antoinette for a day, and forget about all these concerns laid upon me. But it is a cruel reality that I am Adelle Dubois, and it is time for me to go learn more writing with my friend, Alexandre. I wonder if his writing skills got any better than mine.

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