Runway Essay Topics

Converting gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy

Unavoidably, I encountered two anomalous results due to making some of the measurement errors mentioned before. When I plotted my graph, I realised that one of the points was much higher up in relation to the line of best fit while the other was much lower down. I named these measurements A & B. The… View Article

Investigating into the factors that affect acceleration

I have chosen to investigate the affect changing the amount of force applied to an object has on acceleration. Hypothesis I predict that as the amount of force applied to the trolley increases, the acceleration will increase in direct proportion. I believe this will happen because according to Newton’s Second Law, increasing the force increases… View Article

Melbourne Airport Runway

Rules and regulations serve as guide the aviation industry to promote the sole standards in the provision of the services and standards for location quality which are essential for the travelers. The service that is being offered should be valued in the same way as the physical locale for operation. Runways for the air vessel,… View Article