Running Header Personal Leadership Plan Essay

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Running Header Personal Leadership Plan

Leadership means vision, principle and, integrity. The definition is the power to motivate others through your words and deeds; this word also can be defined as the process of social influence in which a person can enlist the aid and support of the accomplishments of a task (Wikipedia, 2010). When an individual becomes a leader there are required to make several ethical decisions. As we move into the 21st century, there is an emphasis on leadership and moral leadership, and its complexities. One can easily argue that today’s leaders cannot afford ethics in today’s society, although there is an increase in responsibilities and political or economic pressure. However, an alternative view would argue that leaders should follow the necessities of ethics. Furthermore, ethical leadership is an expansion of quality human services, consumers and community citizens, and committed employees (Manning, 2003).

Ethical leadership may be easily used to ethically motivate others in an ethical direction. Understanding the core values and having the courage to live be them can be hard for many individual, especially if they are financial driven or power stricken. Human Services field is generally considered a sensitive area which is of enormously important. They are several issue can be associated with ethical decisions in Human Services. Making any decisions within Human Services whether ethically or non- ethically should be taken seriously, especially when it is influenced by their decision with the dignity and respect. Knowledge and Courage are two of the major components of Ethical leadership; another important section of this structure is the imagination. When an individual is lacking imagination, it stops you from looking beyond the usual limits of an issue. The key objective of a leader is always recognition and fame; however with an ethical leader key objective should be always to respect the hearts of the people (Manning, 2003).

Leadership within the human service field carries many complex ethical challenges in a particular circumstance such as the organization. The moral nature of human service organizations carries many responsibilities to consumers, employees, and society. Conceivably the greatest ethical challenge is that human services is serving people. Consequently, leadership in human services is connected to the moral issues of affecting people in serious, life-changing manners. Human service organizations function to protect, maintain, enhance the personal well-being of individuals through services that define, shape, or alter their personal characteristics and attributes (Manning, 2003).

Human beings seek assistance from these organizations in areas that are critical to basic daily life, such as food, shelter, employment, health and mental health care, social welfare. Not many skills are more important to self-improvement than being able to take a step back and honestly evaluate you. Self-reflection allows you to expose problems early, before they become too painful to ignore (Manning, 2003) I believe the ultimate goal of any leader is to be an effective leader. But there are many tendencies to avoid such as control issues, task versus relationship focused, and playing office politics. Will not allow any leadership to be effective as they should; in many cases the leadership may become less productive. I analyze my own skills as a leadership, and I still have much more developing to do.

They are several categories of Human Services job that I strive to be a part of some day and it is a program director for abused children or abused elders. In both categories I believe that ethical responsibilities and decision plays a major role. Consequently, as a leader in these fields, it would be my responsibility to ensure that my staff follows the rules and procedures of the organization. One of my major responsibilities as a director is to ensure that the staff is making non-bias right decision; and not making decisions based on personal feelings or gains. My job would ultimately be to follow the law and protect the clients that seek our services as well as to protect the employee.


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