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Running Head: Public Relations Essay

The chairman, invited guests, ladies and gentlemen and the members of this chamber of commerce; it is my privilege and pleasure to present to you the importance of looking beyond effective product delivery and venturing into interaction with other publics by marketers.

Marketers must spend a great deal of time and energy anticipating or personally interacting with other publics where influence on the marketing of their products is enormous because their role in increasing sales is of paramount importance. These publics range from government employees, celebrities and any other person who is looked upon by others as a role model.  It is important to be in the good books of such influential people so that your products can find favor in their eyes. For instance, the government plays a key role in forming policies that can affect your company directly or indirectly.

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Being in constant communication with government officials who are likely to endorse your precuts to consumers is of paramount importance.  These people issue licenses that can allow you operation or otherwise freeze your business. Marketers should therefore ensure that they inform the government of their business undertakings for their approval.  Consumers feel a lot more conformable purchasing or getting services from legal markets.  This makes them feel safe and trust the quality or brand of your products, which is government endorsed.

Celebrities or public figures that are influential in society should also not be ignored.  This may include media personalities, musicians, famous leaders or actors.  Endorsed from such people concerning your products can rally boost your sales. Oprah Winfrey is a popular figure whose positive comment about a product or service increases sales.  They are also reliable when they are used in advertisements as consumers associated themselves with such celebrities and would love to use the products that they use.   Marketers should therefore hold occasional events like dinner or products shows and ensure that such people attend.  Their participation makes products more relevant and valuable to consumers.  It also contributes to the total company’s goodwill

The marketers should also participate in activities that affect the society.  For instance, participating in charities, donating money to various children’s homes.  Voluntary organizations or contributing relief aid to victims of disasters can go along way in boosting their company’s image to the general public.

Marketers should be therefore very sensitive to everybody with whom they come across as theses can mean profits or losses for their company. Companies that offer mobile services like Safaricom or computer services and products can create a cutting edge for themselves by showing concern to the society.  This is well exemplified by the Bill Gates Foundation, which has various programs that support HIV/Aids patients.

During annual meetings or celebrations, publics whose influence is of paramount importance to the company should be invited.  This also includes the launch of new products. Or services during which they are given an opportunity to address the meeting and give their endorsement for the product.

In conclusion, marketers should look beyond the borders in reaching everyone with their product. Creating a good image for their company and organization increases sales tremendously and establishes a good will for the company that can never be elapsed. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen.

(Scott, Allen, and Glen, 1996, p. 70-120)


            A crisis management plan usually should shows what one should do in a crisis and when to do it.  This plan usually has simple instructions that contain blank spaces which tell you what to do, how to deal with the media, investors and the general public in terms of what you should say, who to talk to and when to talk.

The crisis management plan should be so simple such that anyone can implement it because a crisis occurs any time it is therefore advantageous to the company when more people can solve and manage the company’s crisis.  There are basic four things that are important in handling crisis.

The first step involves assessing and auditing the vulnerability of your company.  This is by finding out what might go wrong and the reasons.  Every employer should give his/her views.  Be open-minded and engage all forms of scenarios that can create a crisis. Bear in mind about sudden about sudden or smoldering crisis.  This plan requires a lot of time, which can even be several days.  After your findings, all the scenarios should be listed and deal with them in the order of likely occurrence.

Secondly, create a template, which usually is the key master planner.  This involves the people who are relevant and require notification like the media, mangers, stakeholders, employees and customers. This part also entails the first actions to be taken during a crisis, which are pre-written and pre-approved.  A press conference is a notable importance in this stage.

In the third stage, the list that was drafted in the first stage of possible scenarios is given attention.  Each scenario is looked at and what is to be done is literally written down.  This forms the appendix of your plan.  Make allowances where the five Ws questions are to be filled which include the who, what, when, where, why and how.  All these prewritten details should be approved by the leaders before the crisis be it an emergency or and explosion.  This plan can also take a few days

Finally, you have to test the plan.  This will familiarize everyone involved with the plan.  This also gives room for connection of mistakes that can be easily overlooked.  This can also mean that you embark on training of various participants on solving to particular crisis.  Responsible security directions or risk managers should be hired to organize emergency response plans.

The plan can be tested in terms of a tabletop or real time drill.  The drill usually lasts one day.  The company should therefore set aside funds and time to ensure successful implementation of the plan.  A schedule will therefore be of great importance.  This can be certain days or particular months for concentrating solely on crisis management.  Finally it is important to bear in mind that the consequences and losses that result from a crisis always exceed the small fee of preparing a crisis plan.


More often than not, public relations are usually carried out by the media, which includes newspapers, magazines and television.  However, if not carefully used, a very negative image can be easily created about the XYZ Company.  In general, the poor relationship that exists between the XYZ company and the media is due to lack of a proper media plan and calendar which normally outlines the various methods that can be used.

Lying to the media reporters is one aspect that has contributed to the poor relationship. Giving in appropriate information, which does not reflect the reality on the ground, can create a conflict between the media and the company.  It is better to say when you don’t know an answer than to give fake information.

The company gives information to the media even when it’s not comfortable about I t.  This is as a result of being forced by the media/ Ensure that the media only records the points you want.  Carelessness should be avoided which otherwise losses the information you want communicated.

Disorganization can also affect the relationship.  Professional public relations officer should address the media. This also refers to poor timing of press releases and calls whereby the spokesperson and the media coordination cannot form a proper link and work efficiently.

However, if the media team is properly organized the company can enjoy a positive image by the media.  This means that marketing advertisements and sales will be enormous boosted.  The poor relationship between the company and the media will improve tremendously and efficiency at the work place will also increase.

Ensuring that the media coordinator is someone who can articulate issues well and cultivate media relationships appropriately can develop this media relationship. The spokesperson must also be a good listener and articulate himself. He/she should be able to know the interviewers well by intuition and create a good support with the various reporters.

The company should conduct its public relations affairs professionally by learning from others and being smart. This includes conducting workshops on interviews, which can be overseen by friends from the media.

The company’s stories should not come from the other side. The company should always be the first in unleashing its news.  The news should also be well seasoned to equally compete with other organizations.  In this manner the relationship can be consistently developed with the media


Allen H.C., Glen M.B. , & Scott M.C. (1999). Effective public

 Relations  (8th ed.). Prentice Hall.

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