Running head: Group Proposal Essay

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Running head: Group Proposal

Group operations form the most effective system of addressing the different problems affecting the society. Due to the highly dynamic systems of consumerism globally, the ability to approach the ever rising societal problems lie in the community coterminous focus that anchors the need for holistic approach to intrinsically derive the necessary alternatives for addressing them (John and Brian, 2009). Many of the societal problems proliferate for lack of the correct niche for the victims to be part of the solution in the society.

This paper proposes the formation of a group to address alcoholism in the schools. 2. Description Over the last decade, alcoholism use in schools has been cited as a major problem in the society. According to Los Angeles Police Department (2004), though illegal drug use has generally declined, use of alcohol has been on the rise. Los Angeles Police Department (2004) continues to say that US uses about US $ 58 billion to address the problem of alcohol. Young people who drink are 50% more likely to get into substance abuse than those who do not.

Compared to other illicit drugs, alcohol kills 6. 5 times more with about 20% of the youths who use it having tried marijuana. Following the above statistics, this group will aim at educating the young people in schools on the negative impacts that result from alcohol consumption. By giving this information, the group will be seeking to reduce the overall number of youths in the different schools who are addicted to alcohol and preventing others from getting to it.

Besides, the group will also be seeking to establish the general trends of alcoholism in the different schools as a monitoring system of the prior initiatives. 3. Type of group and participants To effectively achieve the above outlined goals, this group will be psycho-educational in that it will focus on impacting more knowledge on alcoholism, its affects, and how to prevent it among the young people. To address the problem of alcoholism in schools, personalities with clear understanding of alcohol issues, group dynamics, motivation and operations will be very essential.

Therefore, the group will constitute of counselors, schools’ administrations representatives, and the local administration leaders. This group will seek to view and address the problem of alcoholism from a holistic point of view to generate the most workable solutions. Whereas the group will not be gender restrictive, all the participants should be above the age of 18 years. In different meetings, student leaders and students representatives will be invited to pass the views of the students.

To maintain focus of the group, it will seek to focus on the youth alcoholism behavior that is mostly reported during the four after school hours between 3pm and 6pm when most of the youths go unsupervised. 4. Time frame and budgetary demands The group will take a period of one year during which I will be attending my internship. However, owing to the magnitude of the problem, the justice system almost turning out to be futile, and the religious institutions giving up, I will set the program to reflect the vitality of the problem in such a manner that it will proceed after I am through with my internship.

During this period, the meetings will be conducted every fortnight while a task force will be meeting twice every week to implement the demands of the group. 5. Theoretical underpinning The ability to solve different societal problems lies in the capacity to bring together the different parties to harmonize the ideologies of addressing these problems. According to Hatch (2000), the ability of a group to infer changes in the society is totally dependent on how it views the generated ideas about change.

As a result, including the youths in the decision making table will make them part of the solution implementing platform, a notion that strongly reduces their overall resistance to proposed measures fore change. In His theory of personality development, Erickson indicated that the most dangerous stage in a human life is indeed the adolescent age. The theory further indicates that the most important aspect to ensure that the youths do not venture into exploratory activities that are harmful to them and others is by opening up to them, providing alternative occupational systems, and enhancing higher motivation.

6. Intervention activities In conclusion, this group will intervene to address the problem through education forums in the youths’ schools, provision of related educative materials, establishment of sports activities, and provision of incentives to anti-alcoholism groups. Link will be made with different corporate sponsors to provide the necessary basement for enhancing better conditioning of the alcohol addicts.

It is from this consideration that this group indeed is the correct system to address the problem of alcoholism in Miami schools. 7. Reference list Hatch, (2000). Cultural dynamics of organizing change. Cranfield, UK: Cranfield University Press. John, F. & Brian, K. (2009). SPC Products Company Project Pops: Job evaluation at whole foods. New York: Sage. Los Angeles Police Department, (2004). DARE is more than an anti-drug program. Los Angeles, California: Taylor and Francis Publishing Inc.

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