Rules for Handling Waste Sorting

Rules and regulations are always necessary as they control people’s behaviors and more importantly how they behave in the businesses. Business regulations are put in place to ensure that companies and firms do not make false advertisements and that they do not misuse or else overcharge their customers for the services they receive from these companies. Also, the rules ensure that quality services are provided to the customers and at right pieces. Various regulations exists ranging from the legal rules which are those rules produced by the governments to self-business control which are rules that govern the business internally.

County regulations fall under legal restrictions. For this case, our governing body is the Hartford county and has set various rules affects the garbage and recyclable sorter that our company is making.

There exist some few regulations in Hartford County that govern the collection and recycling of garbage. To start with, according to the article on solid waste disposal, “Each private solid waste hauler and the recyclable waste collection company with whom the town has contracted to collect recyclable waste from residential property shall report the amount of recyclable waste collected to the Director of Public Works every quarter.

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The Director of Public Works shall designate the reporting schedule in writing to each hauler and collection company.”(“Solid waste disposal”, 15) This regulation ensures that each company that has been allocated the task of collecting and recycling the garbage operates by the county regulation. Our project is affected by this rule since for us to collect and recycle the wastes, then we have to keep reporting the amount of garbage collected to the director of public works.

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Also, according to town of East Hartford disposal, law on waste, “License required. Each solid waste and recycling collector shall annually on or before July 1 apply for a license from the Director, on such form as he shall prescribe, to engage in the business of solid waste collection in this Town. The applicant shall supply the Town with all information requested on the application form, and attach a current schedule of rates for services.” (“Solid waste disposal”, 8) this regulation requires each and every garbage collector to register and apply for a license which permits them to collect the garbage. Our company will adhere fully to these regulation and will be reporting to the director in a timely manner and without fail.

Finally, according to town of on the residential curbside solid waste collection rules ®ulations, “waste management strategies are implemented within a very complex waste management system that includes a number of functions: waste generation and separation; collection; transfer; transportation; transformation; and disposal.” (“residential curbside solid waste collection rules & regulations”, 12) The waste collection systems should be complex in way that much garbage is collected and recycled to produce new substances and renewable resources. Our company is meets this regulation since GARy will be in a position to separate the items that can be recycled and those that can’t.

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