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Rugby is better than American football Essay

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Rugby is better than American football

Living in America all you hear about if football. You a lot are either a Patriots fan or Giants. During football season, you do not want to be friends with someone rooting for the other team. This season gives you an excuse to eat all the junk food possible and drink as much beer as humanly possible, without getting looked at funny. Even if you don’t like sports you still have a team you want to win, or at least you know not to root for the other team your friends are for. But what most people don’t know about is the sport rugby. People around here don’t care about it unless you play.

But why not; is it possibly because they don’t want their beloved football to be looked down upon? I mean rugby is known for being tougher. It’s football without pads or helmets. How could this not be more fun to watch? Not to mention it’s a lot higher passed. Maybe football fans just can’t keep up with the sport because rugby doesn’t stop every ten seconds. I’m pretty sure if you took any football fan and explained the game of rugby to them, they would fall in love with it more than football. “What is rugby? ” I get this question a lot when people find out I play.

“What isn’t it” I as in response. To explain it to people from here it’s easiest to say it is a game made up of a few different sports: soccer, football, and track. You have the hitting of football, the kicking of soccer, and the non-stop running of track. So pretty much this is just the best sport ever came up with. In the game of rugby you actually do not pass the ball forwards. You have to pass to players behind you or you have to keep running. This is one of the hardest things to learn how to do. Because in America all we are taught in sports is to throw the ball or kick it forwards.

But that is just one of the many reasons rugby is so different from other sports. In the game you also tackle completely different than football. You are taught how to hit correctly so you don’t get hurt, whereas in football you hit with your head more. But I guess that is okay because they wear helmets right? Hmm…. I don’t think so. One of the first things you learn is “cheek to cheek. ” Meaning when you tackle someone your cheek lands on their butt cheek. Giving you a little more cushion or just getting your head out of the way so you don’t get hurt.

What most football players from what I have seen, don’t do. In rugby you have two sets of players on the field; the backs and forwards, and then there is also the scrum half. Typically the forwards are the bigger girls who can hit harder and are harder to take down. They are used a lot to just get the ball through a big group of people. Also when there is a tackle made, they are mainly the ones who go in and push against the other team to try and win the ball back. Then in comes the scrum half, this player is described as the quarter back in rugby.

When the forwards are fighting for the ball and win, it is moved to the back of the group and the scrum then gets it out and throws it out to the backs. The backs if you couldn’t tell are the ones who are normally smaller and faster. They get the ball and do all these plays and try to get into the try zone. Or known as where you score. There is not one player on the team who is more important than another, and everyone works together to get the win. Another thing about rugby that differs from football is the game is not stopped every ten seconds and re-grouped.

Rugby is a constant, non-stop, fast game. You have to make your decision on the drop of a hat. Now here is how football differs from rugby. In football there are four fifteen minute quarters, with half time and play is stopped frequently between plays. Whereas rugby there are: two forty minute half’s, with a half time, but no stopping unless there is a penalty. In football you can have unlimited subs during a game. But rugby you cannot go back in once you are subbed out. And even some games you are only allowed to only have seven subs in a game.

Now the biggest difference is what I have already said; football players where protective padding and helmets. Rugby players on the other hand wear no protective gear. Yes some people might argue that this is stupid or that it is more dangerous. But what I say is it makes it tougher! Now here is the big thing, the injuries. American football or rugby: which is more dangerous? Barack Obama is worried about football players, even though they have all their protective wear on and look like they are ready for battle whenever. But, at Boston University they have been doing research on the brains for men and women who play these sports.

The damage players can get from head injuries is proven to be able to cause a long-term problem called chromic traumatic encephalopathy, dementia, memory loss, and even depression. One study showed that 34 out of 35 American Football players showed signs of brain injuries. People have complained that the NFL takes a player getting a concussion with a grain of salt. More than 4,000 players have brought cases against the NFL. There has even been wrongful death lawsuit filed from a Chicago Bears player’s family. This is the one part where rugby and football are similar.

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