Ruby Moon Monologue Essay

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Ruby Moon Monologue

Ruby Moon is set in Flamming tree grove, about a couple Ray and Sylvie who’s child Ruby goes missing. The worried parents continue to spend all their days and nights trying to piece together any information they can find about their missing daughter Ruby. As they review everything they know about the case the story turns into a detective inquest, they question all the eccentric characters on the street to try and seek clues as to what actually happened to their daughter Ruby. The characters include a Parrot-owning Christian, a wanna be clown, an ex-solider, a seductive temptress, a former babysitter and a mad scientist.

Each one of these characters is a potential suspect in the murder or disappearance of Ruby Moon. The whole play follows the journey of two parents struggling to come to terms with the fact that their little baby girl is gone. Ruby Moon’s dramatic form, performance style, techniques and conventions to convey ideas, influence the way in which an audience interprets what is presented or represented in the theatre. I choose to create my monologue based on Ruby Moon due to the fact that the plot seemed very interesting and I wanted to explore more in depth as to what actually happened to Ruby as she went to visit her Grandmas.

My interpretation of the piece is coming from Ruby’s perspective and describing what really happened at each of the houses. I don’t specifically say exactly who killed her as that is up to the audiences interpretation as I thought it was a very clever technique to use I kept it in. The suspense of not knowing who killed her is such a key element in this play as every character plays a part in her disappearance however big or small. Each character in my adaption all see Ruby before she disappears, but who was really responsible? No one ever knows? What contribution towards ruby did each character have?

Dulcie- The Old Catholic Spinster with the talking parrot. Ruby didn’t like Dulcie and wanted to cause as much trouble to her as possible without getting caught. She would steal Dulcies parrot and teach it sinful words so when Dulcie would talk to it, it would swear or say something rude. Dulcie and Ruby never got along because of the fact that Ruby wasn’t catholic and she encouraged her to be. When Ruby went to church she caused havoc throughout the whole service and it wasn’t uncommon to see her be thrown out on usual occasions.

This always upset Dulcie and made her believe Ruby had the devil in her and this created a strong hatred towards her. Sid- The sketchy clown who always had a particular strong liking for Ruby due to her youthful young appearance and innocent features. He always looked forward to her trips over to his house as he would make her face disappear and make her look ten years older then she was. He always considered her to be one of his closest friends as they used to play dress ups and other games. Sid was known for prying on young youths that’s why he was told he must retire as a clown as he was suspected for being a paedophilia.

He didn’t sexually assault ruby he merely admired her company and wanted her to be his close friend and nothing more was needed. He had a deep crush on veronica Vale and longed to be with her even though that was never going to happen as veronica did not like him. Veronica- The best singer on Flamming tree grove who sounded like an angel and offered men satisfaction. Veronica would give Ruby singing lessons in exchange for her going to the bottle shop to buy her whisky. Ruby would never stay long as Veronica had men lined up all the time waiting to come over to her house and hear her sing.

So her visits to Veronicas were always very short and sweet. Sonny Jim- The old retired solder who told worn torn stories of his past with his dog companion by his side. Ruby was absolutely obsessed with him he had this charm that made him so likeable and his uniform just added another dimension. His stories would keep her on the edge of her seat always wanting more. Jim and Ruby always used to tell stories and talk late into the afternoon and that’s all they did nothing harmful just talk. He would occasionally put his uniform on for her and parade around the house but this was a rare treat for her and wouldn’t happen every visit.

He did however seem like the most obvious to commit the crime as eyewitnesses say they saw him in the graveyard digging up an old grave which he suspected was Ruby’s however it was just a doll. Dawn- The obsessive-compulsive babysitter with a mad temper who was completely infatuated by Ruby and wanted to be just like her. She always pretened to be the best babysitter for Ruby by acting like a big sister however when Ruby wasn’t there she would go down in her basement and make dolls which would resemble Ruby. She would make hundreds of them day and night until she would make a perfect one.

One she had made them she would dismantle them signifying her absolute hatred for the girl and how much better Ruby was then she was. The dolls would symbolise the same things, as the voodoo dolls so anything dawn did to them she thought the same would happen to Ruby. She was the one responsible for giving Ruby her doll and created the pieces, which could be sent to Sylvie, and Ray’s house however she was not the one who sent them. Carl Ogle- The mad crazy terrible scientist whose experiments always failed. He was always making up weird and crazy experiments, which would help the scientific community to recognise his talent.

He experimented with making concoctions, which were supposed to do certain things and make people better however they would always fail. So whenever Ruby came over to his house her would always ask her if she would like to try his latest and greatest concoction. She never seemed to refuse and in the end it was all those crazy things carl gave her that finally sent her over the edge. He was still not responsible for killing her however. He did send the packages of the dismantled pieces of the Ruby doll to Ruby’s house which he found in the trash of the house across the street.

The main idea for all the characters and there part they played in the disappearance of Ruby came from the original play by Matt Cameron however much of it I made up as it flowed nicely into my adaption. I still do not say who killed her however I highly hint some suspects could have definitely but I specifically say whom. A main contributor to the things I wrote came from past child disappearance stories where children walk out their front doors and never return home again due to being kidnapped. Some of the characters have aspects from the suspects who may have taken real children in those stories.

Ruby moon is similar to the play stolen as it involves the unjust conditions, which adults conduct towards children. Stolen involves aboriginal children being taken away from their parents to be forced to grow up like the European culture. Where as ruby focuses on the nature of human beings and how disgusting they can be. They both focus on family loss, which is encountered through the hardships of having to leave your family and disappearing without a trace. They both involve kids being taken against their own free will and what happens once they are gone.

Once a child has been separated from their family their growth and development is compromised, as the parents are not by their side. Stolen focuses these repercussions, which cause a great deal of hardship for the family and the children. Taking the children away-enforced hardship that stumped growth and early learning. My performance focusing on Ruby’s experiences will be conducted with me sitting on a chair telling people what actually happened to me and why I am like what I am today. My costume will be similar to Ruby’s red dress however the colour is optional between red or blue because red symbolises alive and blue symbolise death.

My costume can be a mix so as the audience is still confused whether I am actually alive or not. I will have no shoes on my hair will be in two little piggy tails to signify that I am still a little child. I will have a little dolly, which is called little ruby, and I will hold that the whole time. My costume is mainly based on the one seen in the play however certain aspects have been changed to fit in with my adaption of it. My adaption encompasses much of the plays information however presents it in a slightly different way.

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