RTI Act Case Study Essay

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RTI Act Case Study

In spite of the fact that India has won its battle of independence in the year 1947 making democracy its weapon, unfortunately, the truth was something else. The power was handed over to the politicians and democrats, not to the common man then. There were multiple instances to question the right to information as it was in practice with the backdrop of the society we lived in. Some Information about Right to Information Act in India:

On 12th October, 2005 the scenario had changed as through the right to information RTI act, common people got their right to raise question. It gives the power to throw question to the government directly and the concerned authority has to reply back within 30 days with proper explanation. RTI Act not only covers the executives rather the judiciary and legislature are also under its strict regulations. There is no gap in the process of formatting a corruption free and transparent government. It defines the term “public authority” as the government is answerable to the supreme authority of common people.

Let’s know Right to Information Act:
What is RTI act?

Democracy makes a country answerable to the common people. People elect the power to lead not to rule over. Without any province to answer any power can be misused and common people can be victimised easily. Right to information Act makes the elected power answerable to common people. To answer what is rti act, one simple phrase can be used- “law of transparency”. It is the weapon of a citizen to question so that the answer can throw light into the matter. Government is bound to answer if any question arises on the functioning.

The accountability of any government can be questioned. The act not only has empowered citizens to answer government authorities but also reduces corruption a lot. Citizens have the power to inspect and take notes on several tasks on the part of authorities so that they can analyze the performance. Even they can have copies of documents if they need to prove some unethical provisions.

What Makes RTI Act Beneficial?

Indian constitution permits its citizen to speak and express without any fear. How can a person speak against the government if he or she does not have enough information? A victimized citizen can feel but without information he or she is helpless to do anything. Right to information act in india is a recognition of democracy that requires informed citizenry and transparency of information just for a better functioning.

How to use RTI ?

This revolutionary act gives immense power to the hands of common people but still it’s been completely utilized. They stay away from utilizing this powerful tool just because of some wrong information regarding the process of implementation. But this is not so tough to know how to get information under right to information act.

Just a single handwritten query is enough from your end to get your concerned. Information from the government authority. Even this act makes a common man so powerful that the person doe not need to show any reason why he or she needs such information.

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