Routers and Layer Switching

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Router which operates at internet layer OSI model receives frames from access network layer which belongs right next to it and the frame becomes packet PDU, then the router checks if the IP header and rest of the information in place and untouched to see if the packet is altered while its being transferred, once that check has been performed the router then makes a routing decision based on the IP header and destination address or where the packet is supposed to go as well as using its own routing table to (determining the best path between destination and source devices) header is added to the data that's been generated and push the data out to transport layer which becomes packet, adds more header and becomes segment then forward it to network layer and add more information and pass it down to data-link layer to be equipped with source and destination IP address (frames) frames are changed or converted in to a machine language or binary (1s & 0s) and send to switch, the frames travel through switch's default gateway (router, router removes the header from the packets to see the destination IP address then the router looks in to its routing table to identify the destination address and push the packet out to switches, Frames are transferred to switch, and switch checks for source MAK address and stores it next to received port number, then a method called switching is used to send out frames.

Frames are sent to switches containing destination address while they go through intended port, having destination address with frames help switches to determine which port the frame go through, switch would create an electrical communication tunnel between source and destination address so communication with out collisions would be created.

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DNS query gets to work and performs millions of web-servers searches on internet to locate the requested page, the DNS comes up with two answers first finds the correct IP address if not returns an error, if DNS locates the correct IP address and the browser receives it then internet protocol such as TCP is used to create a connection with the server.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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