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“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” – (Blue Ribbon News, Page 1). Leo Tolstoy, Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, was plausibly one of the most documented writers in all of history, even his disputes with his spouse are over-documented. He, nor his father or grandfather, was not the sliest character in history, whenever he received any funds he just went and gambled it all away. He wrote what was called some the best books in all of history.

He wrote the worldwide book about battles during the Caucasus War, War and Peace after he encountered the war himself. He went on to just writing books and spending time with his grandchildren.

Leo Tolstoy, born Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, was born second to last of a very wealthy family. He went to a church to test what his, so called, future was going to be. The tester said thet he was going to lead a very eventfull life. Leo was not the whit that everyone thought he was, though he was taught by some of the best tutors in the world and he went to Kazan University, he started failing and he eventually stopped the class.

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After he changed to a law teaching class he was overwhelmed by all of the foreigners and dropped out.

After that, his brother had asked him to join the Russian Army with him. Tolstoy decided he should do something with his life. So he joined the Army and was surprised at the work that he had to do.

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About 3 years later, the Caucus War fell upon their fleet and half of their troops fell. He started to write about them in his books, such as War and Peace.

He came home one day to visit his family. He stopped to see how his workers had been doing over the long period of time. He, then, found that the peasants were very uneducated. So he went out and made a school for his peasant children to get a better education. He wrote over three books for the peasant children to read to get an adequate amount of schooling to pass in society. Eventually, he was hiring professional teachers to teach at the school. They (the teachers) moved the school to an abandoned warehouse in the center of Moscow. The school thrived, but no longer exists.

After his school was migrated, he settled back in Yasyana Polyana and resumed his works in writing the books about the Caucasus War. He stopped writing and fell into a time of feeling like something was missing. He remembered that when he was a kid his mother had told him that there was someone looking at all of the bad and forgiving him of it. Of course, he did not pay an iota of attention to this (until now) nor did he have the time. Soon he went to a mass at the Russian Orthodox Church but still felt like that was wrong. He found a Bible, that his parents had kept all of this time and was passed down to him, and read the Gospels and understood the reason of his wonderings but he still felt like he knew better than all of these religions. So he went to rewrite the Gospels to explain his reasoning around what he believed.

He then settled with his wife in Yasyana Polyana, for the final time. He was often visited by his children and grandchildren they wanted to hear about the war and what he did while their cousins were here (because, obviously, 134 people could not be at Yasyana Polyana all at once).

After his relatives had finally left, he went to the nearest casino, feeling like everything was all right. He came home and the ginormous manchon of Yasyana Polyana was robbed of its beauty and worth. He and his wife moved to a large condo near Yasyana Polyana and they stayed there. When he finally had it he just left with one his maidservants and one of his nurses. He got as far as Moscow when his nurse diagnosed him with an extremely mortal case of pneumonia. His nurse found the nearest hospital and they did everything that they could do, they left him there under antiviral medicine but nothing was helping. He soon died.

After he died he went on to be posthumously named one of the best writers in the history of literature. His two most famous books, War and Peace and Anna Karenina, had an outbreak of sales. Those two books alone sold for over ten thousand dollars. Leo Tolstoy left a legacy one of the best writers of all time, though, he made some bad choices he learned from them and he left a legacy and gave literature a reputation of extreme greatness and that you can do anything with words.

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