Rosewood: Black People and John Wright Essay

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Rosewood: Black People and John Wright

Chapter 1 1. Why did whites in Sumner want to displace the Blacks from Rosewood? They felt they were a threat. When the Mrs. Taylor lied about the assault of a big black man, the whites had a reason to try to do what they wanted to do all along. They used this lie to kill everyone they could so they could take over the town. They didn’t want the blacks to have what they didn’t have. For example, Sylvester had a piano and that was a big problem. No black person should have anything that a white person cannot have. 2.

How did Sheriff Ellis use projection to deal with his lack of color? He led the mob to killing the blacks knowing that Mrs. Taylor was a liar. Chapter 12, 2 1. How did John Wright employ economic alienation? John wanted to buy up more land around him so that he could own everything. This would make the blacks have to buy more from him. He was already the only person to sell them ammunition and regular daily needed things. He would also charge the blacks more than what should be charged and would turn around and take their deeds for their property if they couldn’t pay.

This was a lose-lose situation for the blacks as they had nowhere else to buy their necessities. They were forced to be over-charged and have their property taken away from them. 2. What caused Duke the most anxiety in dealing with the Blacks? He was afraid of them. He thought that they weren’t allowed to have anything that whites had. 3. What narcissistic behaviors did the mob display? Rosewood Chapter 8 1. Explain how Sylvester used the gun as an equalizer and neutralizer. Sylvester used his gun to protect his family when the mob came to his house.

His loaded gun showed the mob that he wasn’t going down without a fight. 2. How did Duke use the gun as an equalizer? Dukes used his gun to show his power. He used his gun to shoot the blacks of Rosewood to prove that he – a white man could do what he wanted and no one would be able to cross him. Duke was nothing without hi Rosewood Chapter 14 1. Why did Sylvester allow the relationship between Jewel and John Wright? Sylvester was in debt to John Wright. He probably didn’t want to make a fuss over it and have it cause problems.

He also probably knew that John Wright cared about Jewel as she cared for him. She also worked for him, so she spent a lot of time with him. 2. How did the white people in Sumner use rape symbolically? Even though John Wright was having consensual sex with Jewel, he was symbolically raping her. She was a black woman who wasn’t able to actually tell him no. In addition, the fact that Fanny Taylor was not really raped they used that lie as a reason to kill everyone in Rosewood whose path they crossed.

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