Rori Raye’s Advice Essay

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Rori Raye’s Advice

At least not the way you’d like it to – smooth and easy, loving, exciting, fun, sexy?

Maybe it would start out great, he might start out like Prince Charming, but then it all fades away and you’re left with a guy who’s only half-there?

He forgets to call, forgets to show up on time, forgets your birthday? He forgets to make the reservation, forgets the directions, and asks you to pay for dinner? He only seems to want sex, and even then, he seems to have better things to do? AFFECTION and ATTENTION are things of the past?

It feels awful when even one of these things happens. But when they all seem to happen at once, it’s TERRIFYING.

I Know Just How This Feels

I remember feeling as though the bottom had dropped out of everything. As though I must have been in a dream, and then suddenly found myself awake in the middle of a nightmare.

Love Doesn’t Have To Be Such Hard Work

If you find yourself in the same kind of relationships with the same kind of difficult or emotionally unavailable man, over and over…

Relationships that don’t work out, or are on-again, off-again with no real progress or closure… Then there’s a way you can turn all that around.

I have a program that will teach you all about the reasons WHY you are attracting a certain “type” of man to you in your life, but also HOW you can make the relationship with this kind of man actually WORK.

Here’s where you can read all about it and see how you can transform your difficult relationship into a loving one… permanently:

Feel Safe With Him

The thing that I had to learn to stop beating myself up about was that the nightmare kept happening over and over again. It was so PREDICTABLE. I’d get with a man and go from dream to nightmare in nothing flat. Sometimes it took a week, sometimes two, sometimes a year. I felt absolutely helpless over my own romantic destiny.

When I finally figured out that the same nightmare results were coming not from my luck or my looks, but from the same MISTAKES I was making over and over – things started to change.

I stepped back just enough to SEE things a bit more clearly. And I started to identify EXACTLY what my mistakes were. And then – and it seemed like an overnight transformation – I was finally able to take some control over what was happening to me. I almost instantly got totally different results:

Instead of finding myself in the middle of a nightmare where I felt hurt most of the time, I found myself having fun I discovered I had CHOICES where I used to think the choice was all the man’s I discovered I had some POWER over myself and my life that I didn’t know I had I felt better

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