Room of One's Own?

How is women’s point of view evaluated in a Room of One’s Own? In feminist context Virginia Woolf says that ‘A Woman has Money and a Room of her own’. Woolf concludes that women have only one opportunity to overcome all of them and produce something new going beyond nothingness. A room of her own, first of all, means a place and time that a woman can conduct intellectual studies without being disturbed, away from difficulties and responsibilities and that is directly associated with economic freedom.

However, more important thing is that Woolf advices the women, first of all, on being free in mind and then writing. “According to Virginia Woolf, writing itself is a crucial part of feminism transited from private sphere to public sphere.” (Snaith, Anna: 2003) So, Woolf has a crucial advice for women at that point. To write. Write not giving up, without taking the current situation into consideration, thinking on whether your writings would be successful, considering other people’s thoughts about your writings! Briefly, Virginia Woolf wants women to be free in every field.

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She states that the rights given to men about working with equal rights as men, fair wages or equal pay, having equal right in education and sex equality should be given to women, as well.

Is Virginia an old feminist or a new one? (Old feminist stress (equality), new feminist, women’s point of view)? Virginia is a classical feminist. Women’s movement (feminism) is glued to the book called A Room of One’s Room might be the easiest Virginia Woolf’s book to read.

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The subject is too concrete: “Woman and Literature. There is an eternal and over helming question, asked women by men insistently. Since you say so why could not you have a genius like Shakespeare?” (Woolf, Virginia: 1945) That’s why Virginia Woolf gave a drastic answer to this offending question after getting to the bottom of historical relations and taking a brief look at the books in the library. And told women this: “Earn money, have your own room and create spare time. And write, without thinking what the men say!” (Ibid) Afterwards it is recognized that there is a dog’s perspective in Flush written by Virginia Woolf. And also the new feminists refers to a series of political campaigns for reforms on issues such as reproductive rights, domestic violence, maternity leave, equal pay, women’s suffrage, sexual harassment, and sexual violence, all of which fall under the label of feminism and the feminist movement. The movement’s priorities vary among nations and communities, and range from opposition to female genital mutilation in one country, to opposition to the glass ceiling in another.

What’s your reaction to the patriarchal social and political system of values in the western world in these days? Is it acceptable or not? Yes it’s good and in early years of resisting, of reckoning. It was a year of rollbacks and new challenges for women and girls in countless countries, from Egypt to the United States and Brazil. And it was a year of resilience and resistance on full display. As we look back on the past year, we are reminded of the undeniable power of women’s movements because when women and girls come together, they are stronger, more effective in driving sustainable change, and better able to resist injustice, fear, and hate. And in social if we look it most of the country their girls work and they can study and more ever and about political, women’s can vote and they have a different opinions and they can be a president. But we have something else there are some things that women’s can’t do it like war and because they are more emotional than men, and about their physical bodies they are less strong than men.

How did we achieve gender equality in our modern world? Did we achieve it at all? Are women and men are equal now? There some points that we can do it for being equality between men and women like : Get women into power A proven way to overcome many systemic barriers to a woman’s success has been increased participation by women in local, regional and national legislation as empowered change agents. In just 10 years, the number of women holding seats in houses of national parliament in south Asia rose from 7% to 18%. But a global goal of equal representation is still a long way off, with only one woman for every four men in parliamentary houses. A woman’s voice and her ability to become a leader in her community is fundamental to empowering women. And Let girls use mobile phones the majority of girls in India don’t have access to using basic technology such as phones and computers because of infrastructure related challenges and economic reasons. Increasingly we see bans on girls using mobile phones. The dialogue on girls’ access to stem [science, technology, engineering and math’s] education and women’s role in technology has not even started to be acknowledged. Another point is that, Stopping child marriage and sexual harassment In Bangladesh and elsewhere, child marriage is a major impediment to girls’ education. In Bangladesh more than 50% of girls are married before the age of 18, and about 30% of girls 15 to 19 already have one child. If we want girls to be able to complete education we have to end child marriage. We also have to seriously address sexual harassment of girls. Insecurity is one of the reasons parents give for marrying their daughters. It is also a major barrier to girls’ full participation in education. And also Inequality ends where Normalization begins. Women today are definitely starting to get equal opportunities thanks in part to change in mindsets and opinions, but we are certainly not considered equal to men. Women might be more prominent in workplaces today as compared to previous times, and some might even be getting equal or even better pay than men, but we can’t conclude that every woman has equal opportunities in today’s world. Equal opportunity for all women is something that would only happen the day we stop considering women “Something Else” as compared to men. Normalization of the scenario where males and females are treated on an equal basis is the only way all women can be guaranteed opportunities on equal footing. People still believe that women are not equal to men in a variety of ways. When we are given a particular right like equal pay, it’s seen as a hassle people have to go out of their way for. Somehow·it’s not considered something that should have been there in the first place? A scenario where a woman has equal opportunity in the workplace or society should be a mainstream concept and not a utopian aspiration we hope to meet someday. Notable women like Sheryl Sandberg, Oprah Winfrey, Janet Yellen and other countless more, have risen to powerful and respectable positions within their lives and careers. This shows that not only should women get equal opportunities in our society because it’s just the right thing to do, but also because we can and do serve in equal pomp as men (obviously).

How is feminism reflected & discussed in Three Guineas? The oppression of domestic life for women is reflected in the oppression of women in society. This argument was very contentious at the time but has gained currency since the late 1960s when feminist commentators argued that the private is the political. Three Guineas is a companion piece to Virginia Woolf, The common themes are; women and education, and the need for women to be economically independent. The question Woolf discusses in Three Guineas is how women can prevent war when they are excluded from education, the professions, and the public sphere. The title Three Guineas derives from Woolf pondering whether she should support three causes with a guinea donation – these being; a society to stop war, a campaign to support the rebuilding of a women’s college, and an organization to promote women’s

Employment in the professions

What are Woolf’s feminist goals? Woolf feminist has the three main aims behind her writing, most common goals are anti war, women’s education, and women’s right to work.

How are Women’s influenced by war? Three Guineas was published in 1938 but it remained startlingly relevant. War will not end while women are kept out of power and while power is governed on the historic terms that men established. Woolf maintained that war was a product of men’s socialized norms of violence, competition, and domination. These norms were embedded through the structures of education, and the professions. Women, being excluded from these structures, developed different values. Woolf recognized that to have any influence women must take part in the public sphere, but she argued, women should retain their difference and not adopt the very attitudes that they needed to change. Women’s lives changed in many ways during World War II. As with most wars, many women found their roles and opportunities and responsibilities expanded. As Doris Weatherford wrote, “War holds many ironies, and among them is its liberating effect on women.” But the war also results in the special degradation of women, as victims of sexual violence.

What does Woolf suggest to make the world a better place for women and for all humanity? Woolf suggests that Aphara Behan provides a good example of how literary creatively runs hand in hand with material self-sufficiency, a point very few people can question. Let alone reject In Three Guineas, Woolf argues that if women are to function effectively as a political force. They must approach the questions of power and influence in a new way, they should have one “new weapon” (Woolf, 1938, p.72) which is mental freedom. Woolf shows how by achieving intellectual freedom, women can prevent war. She declares “a woman must have money and a room of her money” (Woolf, 1929, p.4). Woolf declares that no one can earn mental freedom without owing her/his own money. She also goes through the social and economic position of women and raises a political treaties against fascism. Such political and social turmoil’s will inevitably leave their negative impact on women and her aspirations. And also she said that when women were under the control of their male counterparts, they did not have their own work or even their money. As a result, they did not have the mental freedom, and if they tried to write they lacked the courage to sign their works. So she wants to get a power for women’s because it makes a good environment for both genders and for all humanity.

How do you find sexist exclusion discussed in the book? Woolf speaks of the “sex [that] is unconscious of itself,”120 whereas Cixous is “positing a sexually-differentiated unconscious and an alternative female symbolic.”121 These two phrases are quite the opposite to one another. Cixous recognizes an unconscious that is marked by sexual difference; Woolf requests that sex be unconscious of itself, which, to put it differently, means that the unconscious should be unmarked by sex. This is an interesting remark by Woolf as it does not entirely conform with what she has said earlier in the text, speaking from a contemporary feminist theory point of view, that is. On the one hand, Woolf demands female empowerment through strengthening female characteristics, but on the other hand, her ideal female writer is unconscious of her own sex. Woolf pays attention to the unity and rhythm that has been absent from the relation between men and women. She believes that each mind has male and female elements, and to be genius the harmonious balance between these elements is required. Woolf writes A Room of One’s Own as attempt to describe the relation between women and fiction. But she ends up with the demanding of women’s rights, she passes from one chapter to another as a journey. She calls for the most important features of feminist through by comparing between the lives of the opposite sexes. For example, she tries in her work to answer these questions “why did men drink wine and women water? “Why was one sex so prosperous and the other so poor?”

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