Room Essay Topics

The Destructors and The Lumber Room

Both short stories, “The Destructors”, by Graham Greene, and “The Lumber Room”, by Saki, deals with children and how they live their lives. The two stories deals with completely different group of kids. Graham Greene, in his story, narrates the days of a rebellious boys gang and discusses topics such as leadership, whilst Saki tells… View Article

When I Step Into My Comfort Zone

As I walk down the hall leading to my room I realize how pleasant it is to be finally home. I stop at the door to my room and think about how peaceful it’s been living there since I got my own room. It’s been stress free having a room to myself without anyone to… View Article

The Room

Most of the times, the room is dark. There are days when it is bright and I can see almost everything clearly. The sunshine is reflecting through the cracks in the door, spreading across the room. My face breaks into a smile, my eyes shine and happiness fills my heart as I think I can… View Article

My Dream House

Generally, near the sea, in the coast, the temperature is softer than in the centre of a country, so I would like to live in a house next to the beach, where I can see the sea from the windows, hear the sound of water, enjoy a warm weather and walk on the sand every… View Article