Ronald Reagan: Margaret Thatcher's Eulogy

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Margaret Thatcher was a close friend of Ronald Reagan she was also a former prime minister of Great Britain. Margaret wrote a eulogy for our former president Reagan that could have shown Ronalds passion and excellent working skills while he was president.

She describes different detail to make her point. She has worked alongside him for many years she has worked with him his whole term as president and she even knew him before he was the president. And they continue to be very close friends and never lost touch they have a close relationship.

  For example, in the very first lines of the eulogy Margaret uses the word ‘great’ several times this is used to emphasize that Ronald reagon was a great president, a great partner, and a great friend. By repeatedly saying the word great Margaret show honor for Reagan himself and his ideas and also his actions during his time as president.

Margaret goes on to say Ronald Reagana accomplishments that he achieved over 8 years when he was president. When she does this and tell all of Reagan’s accomplishments it makes us know just how great reagan was solving problems and also during this time period there were many problems going on in the world and when Reagan helps solve them we know he took time and effort to help resolve these problems.   Margaret later goes on to tell us a personal side of Ronald Reagan how he was funny this helps readers understand what Ronald Regan was like with friends and family he was not always serious he liked to have a good time.

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Even though there were problems that our president needs to take care like in the qof he still had a good sense of humor and like to look on the bright side of life. Ronald Reagan can be seen as a great leader because he had qualities of being himself and also likes to help people in whatever they need. When Margaret call Ronald reagan by his Nickname it shows us how much they knew each other and how close their relationship was when she worked alongside him for his whole term as president. Because Margaret knew Ronald for so long it also builds trust between the readers and it shows us that everything she is saying is true.

When Margaret shares a quote by Ronald Reagan the quote says that Reagan was a lifetime fighter for what he believes in.and he never gave up hope and always did his best to protect him people that supported him. When Margaret recognizes Reagan talent as president she has a lot of honor for him. When Margaret uses ethos in the eulogy in the piece of where she says that it is happening . In which she says I worked closely with Reagan for eight years and it saying that she has been with him long enough to know his good side and also his bad side. To meet different parts of his personality. He is known to be a kind guy and he stands up for what he believes in. Like maybe Margaret was look to praise someone for their hard work hair to keep an alliance from the United States since she was from great Britain. Margaret honors Ronald reagan in all of these ways and by doing this. it shows that she cares a lot over her dear friend Ronald and how she calls him Ronnie because they have that close relationship and respect and also like cares about him and believes he always knows what to do. and he has good ideas and he also takes responsibility for his actions. And that makes him an honorable man and also a trustworthy president.   In conclusion, Margaret Thatcher used many different strategies to show all the honor she has for her ideas and also his actions of him. And she also appreciates him very much she repeatedly used word great for empathize on how wonderful her was and how he was great at taking action and always seem to know the right thing to do.

Thatcher call Ronald by his Nickname to show how deep their connection was since they had been partners for a really long time. And also how this help the readers gain trust from author because she provides examples and also mentions what Ronald accomplished throughout his sentence. Ronald reagon was a great president he changed many things and bettered America.

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