Ron Heagy Biography Essay

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Ron Heagy Biography

I think that Ron Heagy have seen a lot in his life.He have seen death,disability.I really changed my attitude to some things like disabled people.They don’t need to be treated like others they should be treated like everyone else.Yes we can do things they can’t do things like do your favorite sport or to play your favorite instrument.But these people are strong and brave enough to be a person who they are and face it as it is.As ron said “I will be me and you will be you”. How do you think Ron felt when nurse at hospital told him that the day when he wouldn’t be able to move his body anymore was his 18th birthday.I know he felt horrible because if I would be at his place i would be crushed. When i was ten,my friend and i were used to go for a walk every day.After we finished his father would pick us up and give me a ride home or i could stay a my friends house.

So his father was smoking a lot he could smoke nearly two packages of cigarettes a day.If you would talk to him you could here that even his voice was like he smokes for a long time.He started smoking since he was 18 by that day he was fifty four.He used to cough very much because of smoking.His son had a allergy for a cigarette smoke.It is a allergy when you can not breathe if there is a person smoking right next to you. so his dad would try not to smoke by my friend.But still it was not worse it he was killing himself and killing people that were around him.So his dad died after a month of his fifty fifth birthday.After that i promised to my self i will never smoke in my life. When i was twelve my friends brother died.My friends brother was very active he was doing lots of running and sports.He used to do sports a lot he was doing every sport he could do.He also studied very well to he would always have good grades in his classes.

He and his friends were making a party because of his eighteenth birthday.So when party started he was having fun and talking to his friends when suddenly someone offered him some drugs .After a night he came home really tired.Maybe a week later he went to another party where he bought some drugs for him and his friends.His grades started falling really fast he would’t spend time practicing or styling. After he run out of money he started stealing jeweler from his house or stealing from people. After his mother find out that he was stealing from people she got really mad so she would make him give up using drugs and come back to normal life and tell police that he was stealing from people.So they took him to jail.After he realized that his life was ruined he committed a suicide. After his death i thought that i will never do drugs in my life.

As Ron i think he made a better choice in his life.He did not just give up.He faced it as he should.He did some great things that any one of us couldn’t do.Like building a camp Attitude or just going to different schools and talking that this world is worth living in.He said “it’s amazing that smile can do”. Of Course he wouldn’t be able to all those great things he does without a support of his family.Without his brother that saved his life.His mother and father that take care of him.And his friends.Because if”we are not there for our brothers and sister there is not much of us” “Life is about choices and consequences” so its your choose to give up and be weak or to face your problems as they are!

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