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Romulus Belonging Essay

To be secure one must belong and to obtain the life necessity of belonging one must feel secure and trusted in a certain group. Respect must be present and encourages important alliances and equality within a community. The inability to belong highlights faults, leaving an individual vulnerable to alienation by the community and isolation by themselves. Lack of common communication potentially leads to a sense of not belonging. Within Raimond Gaita’s; Romulus my father conception of belonging have been conveyed.

Another text that portrays themes of belonging is a Victor Flemmings production which is known as the wizard of Oz this timeless classic is aimed at a much younger audience than Raimond Gaita’s Romulus my father; however it possesses great detail of belonging and symbolic references to belonging throughout the film. Security is portrayed through both texts and is a major idea of belonging. Romulus my father is a memoir of Raimond Gaita’s father, it tells the story of what Romulus was like as a father, the difficulties and compassion thee man had and of course the themes of belonging.

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Through the memoir Romulus’s wife Christine shows little affiliation with her family. She doesn’t belong. Christine grew up in Germany and first met Romulus at a young age of 16. Her first child Raimond gave her responsibilities as a mother to care for and to give her child Raimond the sense of connectedness every child needs. Christine neglected these responsibilities due to the fact that she herself could not belong: “Sometimes she was obviously and deeply depressed. Desperately lonely… being so lonely Christine could not find refuge of belonging. Secluded and lonely she did not feel secure. Raimond Gaita uses juxtaposition to highlight his father against his mother: “My father’s devoted care of me contrasted obviously with her. ” Romulus aspires to care and give Raimond the best childhood he could. Due to Christine’s neglect he had to be compassionate and secure a father and son relationship for Raimond’s security and sense of belonging. Dorothy within Victor Fleming’s’ wizard of Oz finds herself on a journey to belong.

Her famous quote: “there’s no place like home” entitles her filial relationship towards Kansas, her home. By completing her knowledgeable journey she soon comes to realise that she belongs in Kansas. During a subconscious dream she finds herself in a reflection of what she believes to be “somewhere over the rainbow” also referred to as “munchkin land”. Dorothy is welcomed by the munchkins and the white witch this creates a sense of belonging and security with a large community. However this place she dreams herself in is symbolic for her own farmhouse.

It’s filled with vibrant colours and flowers which resemble the warmth and the happiness that she is surrounded by back home in Kansas. The yellow brick road resembles that of the road just outside of her farmhouse which takes her to see the Professor Marvel, there she finds her new direction be back home as this is where she truly belongs. Hunk, Zeke and Hickory are represented as the scarecrow, the Lion and the Tin man. The wicked witch has been portrayed as Mrs. Gulch whom Dorothy finds evil as she wants to get her beloved Toto destroyed.

Victor Flemmings’ Wizard of Oz is an extended metaphor throughout the film. It is metaphoric for her previous journey prior to her subconscious dream. She fantasizes about a wonderful place over a rainbow thus describing heaven. Her subconscious dream is of her home and what it would look like if it were in heaven. Through the dream Dorothy realises that she belongs in Kansas so she uses her realisation and ruby slippers that are symbolic for her heart to drive herself back to Kansas.

Dorothy’s dream is that of a migration to find a sense of belonging and security back in Kansas thus the same as Romulus migrating to Australia to make a family, he finds his security and connectedness within Frogmore with his son. Raimond Gaita’s mother Christine is labeled as insecure due to her lack of not belonging, this is projected by her attempts of suicide and mental illness: “… she said that she loved me and wanted to say goodbye, that she would fall asleep and then die” Christine had taken an overdose of sleeping tablets and attempted to commit suicide.

Her disassociation to life and security within belonging drove her to her mental illness and attempts of suicide. She was isolated and secluded from society due to her infidelities and poor mothering, the community shunned Christine: “most having taking against her for her neglect of me” this peruses a negative image upon Christine and identifies her as someone that does not belong and is insecure. Security is seen within Dorothy’s friends; the scare Crowe, theTinman and the Lion.

Each friend plays their own role and within this friends group each member finds a sense of security and belonging. toward the end of the film when Dorothy is about to go home the lion highlights his as well as Tinman’s and Scare-Crowe’s feelings toward Dorothy: “stay with us Dorothy we all love you” this love relates to security and the sense of belonging they each found inside their group of friends. Dorothy’s friends play a significant role in the film, each desire an aspect of humanity from the wizard of oz. Irony is has also been used throughout the film.

The scare crow in the film always thinks up ways to get around problems in order to find him a brain. The Tinman is compassionate and caring not to mention the friends are compassionate and caring toward him. Finally the Tinman finds that he already had a heart from the beginning and found the words of the wizard of Oz meaningful: “A heart is not judged by how much you love but by how much you are loved by others” this is projected towards the Tinman as he knows within his friends group he belongs due to the solidarity of their love for each other.

Irony is also present in the lion he uses courage and bravery in order to possess courage and bravery from the wizard of Oz. Security and insecurity resemble the theme of belonging and not belonging, both are found within the home, the family or group you belong to and insecurity occurs when one does not belong. Mankind becomes more vulnerable and insecure if they find themselves away from society al alone.

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