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Romeo’s Diary about Juliet Essay

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At the youth of the day I stirred lazily from my deep, blissful sleep. Her warm and comfortable bed nestled me in lovingly, and with every breath I took, I felt more and more content. I didn’t need to worry about anything right now. I didn’t have a care in the world. Sleeping next to my beloved Juliet made me think I was still dreaming. I smiled in my sleep, I had never felt as happy before as I did there in her bed, with her skin on mine, her arms and legs wrapped all around me. The wind whistling outside and the lark singing woke me from my sleep.

My marriage with Juliet was sweeter than the sweetest honey from any blossom. Juliet’s face glowed brighter than the crimson flower gardens of spring; the glisten in her eyes would make the summer sun shy away in shame; her dress was whiter than the fields of glimmering snowflakes in winter. A holy ceremony took place, and Juliet and I swore to bind together as one. ‘Nothing could possibly go astray on this heavenly day’, I thought. But I was wrong.

As I heard the lark singing I had to go and live or stay and die. So left my angel Juliet in the early morning, when the sun had not yet shone too brightly from the east. Then disaster reared its ugly head. It directed me to the violent exchange of words between Mercutio, my good friend, and Tybalt, my dear cousin, two gentlemen who would not have been hurt if not for my existence, yet both have now left this world. When they put out their weapons, the fiery emission of rage between them was unstoppable. I went in between them in hope of ending the brawl, but as the stars would have it, the brawl did end – at the abrupt end of Mercutio’s life. At the blink of an eye, he lost his concentration, and Tybalt’s weapon pierced deeply into my dear friend’s chest. Scarlet blood pumped out of the fatal wound. O insensitive heavens, o malevolent stars! Wherefore did fate not let it stop there? My passion for revenge took over, and my cousin was slain in my hands.

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O I am fortune’s fool! It is too late to regret my actions, yet I can do nothing else! Mercutio was killed under my arm, Tybalt by my sword, and Juliet’s heart, broken by my thoughtless actions. I am an appalling friend, but a worse husband. How may I live my life as a murderer, and a disgrace to Verona? Worst of all, how may I live without my sweet Juliet? Life is meaningless without the radiant angel by my side. O Juliet, I would ask thou to forgive me, but how may thou forgive me if I do not forgive myself? O cruel Tybalt, why did you not take me with you? And if you had slain me, I would not have to suffer these vile consequences! The day, which began with my happiest morning, concludes with black fate haunting my life. O, the envious world is cruel! O Heavens, would you give a thirsty gentleman one small sip of water, then take it away from him? Wherefore do you give me Juliet if you must separate us? I feel terribly guilty and helpless.

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