Romeo's Banishment

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Romeo and Juliet reaction to Romeos banishment is alike as they both have only consideration of themselves and not the bigger picture. When Romeo finds out that his punishment is to be banished from Verona, he claims that he would rather die as There is no world without Verona walls’ claiming that Verona is his world due to his love (Juliet) is living in Verona. Juliet’s response to Romeo’s murder of Tybalt is she feels as if she has been betrayed by her husband as he killed her cousin.

Suddenly, she declares that Upon his brow shame is ashamed to sit’. Her lack of age and maturity is presented as she responds in shock and horror, feeling that she has been deceived by Romeo, then she remembers that he is her husband and decides that she should not think poorly of a man who is her husband. Juliet states But I a maid, die maiden-widowed’ Juliet is foreshadowing that she is going to kill herself due to Romeos banishment.

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Juliet also states that she would rather prefer that thy father or thy mother’ to have died but not Romeos banishment.

This portrays Juliet as having a closer relationship to Romeo who she had met 2 days ago and having a distant relationship with her family who she has known her whole life. Therefore, this displays Juliet unloyalty to her family. Romeo and Juliet both have a sense of frustration and panic as their marriage is a secrecy and now due to Tybalt’s death she will have to marry Paris.

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