Romeo and Juliet’s Love Essay

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Romeo and Juliet’s Love

Romeo and Juliet’s love is not true love. Although they have sworn their love and gotten married, they do not truly love each other. They are too young to know if they really love someone. Although Lady Capulet was already a mother at Juliet’s age, Juliet is not old enough to know what love feels like. Capulet even says to Paris that Juliet is too young to get married. “My child is yet a stranger in the world. She hath not seen the change of fourteen years. Let two more summers wither in their pride ere we may think her ripe to be a bride.”

Capulet says here that not until she is sixteen will Juliet be ready to get married. But Juliet thinks she has fallen in love and married Romeo before she is even fourteen. Next, Romeo is also too young. Romeo is not really in love with Juliet, he is in love with being in love. Before the party in act 1 scene 5, Romeo seems to be in love with Rosaline. However he immediately forgets about Rosaline when he talks with Juliet. This shows that he is not old enough to love someone. He has not matured enough, which is yet another reason why Romeo and Juliet are not truly in love.

Juliet has not matured enough to get married because she has never been in any kind of a relationship. You cannot love someone if do not know what it feels like. So, if you married the first person you had a relationship with then you could not know if there was someone else who would love even more.

Capulet wants Juliet to, somewhat, see who else is out there before marrying Paris. On the other hand, it seems as if Romeo has been in a relationship before. But the problem with Romeo is that he has been in too many relationships. Romeo is in love with being in love, and loves to feel like “woe is me.” When Romeo gets turned down by Rosaline, he says that he could never love someone as much as he loved her. “Thou canst not teach me to forget.” Romeo is saying that he cannot forget his love for Rosaline. This tells us that he did not truly love Rosaline, and that he probably does not truly love Juliet.

Lastly, Romeo and Juliet do not truly love each other because they have not known each other long enough. They have only known each other for one day and they have already gotten married. That is not nearly enough time for someone to get to know and love another person. Just an hour after the party they had sworn their love to each other. They are not in love, they simply like each other. They were not ready to get married at the time that they did and they still are not in love even after they got married. So, Romeo and Juliet are not really in love. They are too young and immature to be in love with each other. Also, they have not known each other long enough to be in love, they moved too quickly. In conclusion, Romeo and Juliet’s love is not true love.

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