Romeo and Juliet Movie Analysis Essay

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Romeo and Juliet Movie Analysis

Romeo and Juliet is a beautiful and romantic famous love story known through almost all over the world. Many producers have remade this dramatic story ad producers will get many ideas from this story to help them create their own. There was a movie made in 1996 and in 1968. These two movies are very unique in their own way. Many people like the original 1968 version, but others like the newer 1996 version better. Personally, I believe that the 1968 version was better story wise because it followed the ‘reality’ of the story better.

In the 1996 version, they have more of a ‘today’ like scenes with cars, beaches, guns, and helicopters. However, in the 1968 version, it was more… Romeo and Juliet like than the other version. This version had more of an olden day theme that I feel personally fit the story better. They had swords, older clothing, no cars, helicopters or beaches, everything was more in the time era that the famous love story took place.

When and after watching this movie there was a lot that stood out to me when thinking about the love story that everyone knows or has at least heard of before. The things that stood out to me were on how well and closely related this movie was to the story I heard and imagined in my mind when I first heard it from my family. Another thing is that because of how the movie was made, really gave off a good intention that this was how the story went, and that many people would be able to think of this version first not only cause of how old this version is, but because of the realizations that the movie had towards the original story.

Even though these two movies are about the same story, and have the same concept, there are many different things that contrast between them. In one version of the movie the music gives off a more energetic, suspenseful, action sound; while the other gives off a more mellow, sweet, calming, loving sound. In one version of the movie the characters play fairly different personalities than in the other. For example, in the 1996 version,
Mercutio is a wild, crazy, histarical character who will do the weirdest things that draw you to fall in love with him before he dies. However, in the 1968 version, Mercutio is still a wild and histarical character and maybe a little bit crazy but he doesn’t have the effect on you to fall in love with him before he dies. In the 1996 version, Mercutio gives you a almost ‘welcoming’ atmosphere, while the 1968 version, Mercutio doesn’t give you that feeling.

Many people will have their opinions on which movie version they liked better, which movie told the better story, which movie had the better plot, but Romeo and Juliet, the original 1968 version not only follows the plot and theme, but also gives you the way many people would’ve imagined it before they saw the new 1996 version. But if you are to see any Romeo and Juliet version first, I’d suggest the 1968 version so that you can understand better how things were back when Romeo and Juliet were star cross lovers, and where the story line fits the love story better for that more original taste.

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