Romeo And Juliet Act 2 Study Guide

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what does mercutio say about blind love?
cant hit the mark

when juliet appears on her balcony what does romeo compare her to?
the sun

how does juliet speak but yet say nothing?
by the way she looks

when juliet leans her cheek in her hand what doees romeo say?
he wants to be a glove

unaware of his presence what does juliet ask romeo to say?
hes not a montague

what does juliet say about names
they dont matter

juliet asks how romeo got into her place the orchard walls are high and romeos life would be in danger if her relatives were to find him what is romeos response to these questions?
nothing can keep him away from her

why is juliet embarrassed
romeo heard her talking

juliet is going to send someone the following day for what purpose? who?
to get married/ the nurse

what has friar laurence been gathering out in his basket

elxpain lines 21&22: “virtue itself turns being misapplaced/and vice sometime by action dignified”.
you can use something good in a bad way

when friar laurence sees romeo what comment does friar laurence make about seeing romeo so early in the morning?
where has he been/ he hasnt been in bed

what does friar laurence mean when he says to romeo young mens love then lies not truly in their hearts but in their eyes?
his love is based on a girls looks

friar laurence agrees to perform the marriage ceremony for what reason?
so the families will stop fighting

according to mercutio what kind of is tybalt?
a fighter (duelist)

what is the nurse sayig to romeo in lines 157-163?
she believes he will be true to juliet

how is juliet to arrange to meet romeo?
go meet romeo at confession

the nurse is supposed to be gone only half an hour hour but she is actually gone for how long?
3 hours

how is the behaving that is frustrating to juliet?
she stalled the answer

what does friar laurence mean he says therefore love moderatly long love doth so?
everlasting love loves moderatly

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