Romeo and Juliet Essay Topics

Romeo & Juliet Impulse

Have you ever been impulsive and then regretted it? Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, contains many such tragedies. It is about sworn two enemies who fall in love but cannot be together, and in the course of their love story many of their friends also die. Mercutio is a friend of Romeo, the male… View Article

Who Is the Blame for Romeo and Juliet’s Death?

In William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, most of the events that happened, led up to the death of Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet. Many, if not all, of the characters played an ultimate role in the tragic death of the ‘star crossed lovers’, but Friar Lawrence was certainly the biggest contributor. At first glance,… View Article

Compare and Contrast “Romeo and Juliet” and “Gnomeo and Juliet”

The book ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by William Shakespeare is about two opposing families with much hatred for each other. It shares many similarities, as well as many differences to the movie ‘Gnomeo and Juliet’ directed by Kelly Asbury. In both the film and the play, both families have extreme hatred for each other. For that… View Article

Romeo and Juliet

Topic Sentence: Who, in your opinion, is most to blame for this tragedy? One of Shakespeare’s most known plays is the love story between Romeo and Juliet, which ends up as a tragedy. There are many different reasons and causes to why this tragedy occurred between the two young lovers, Romeo and Juliet, Friar Laurance,… View Article

Character Analysis of Romeo

The play Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare in which Romeo is a tragic hero, who is the son of Montague and falls in love with Juliet from his feud family, Capulet, at their first glance of each other. Shakespeare uses several rhetoric devices in Romeo’s lines to suggest that Romeo… View Article

Eulogy for Romeo

Good citizens of Verona, we are here to grieve the loss of a precious child of God. Romeo Montague, a young man who was like a son to me has passed away due to a series of misfortunate events. Although Romeo passed far too soon, we can still remember the legacy Romeo has left us,… View Article

Romeo and Juliet – Generation Gap

One of the most defining themes in Romeo and Juliet is that of the Generation Gap between characters. This theme builds the storyline creating the numerous misunderstandings throughout the play and a satisfying conclusion. Characters can be divided into two categories. The elder characters (Less eager to fight, believe life is short and marry for… View Article

Being Rebellious Gains Nothing: Romeo and Juliet

In Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, there are occurrences that cause the two lovers to rebel against various things which can prove disastrous in the end. Romeo and Juliet is a play where two lovers are caught in the middle of family feuds and even though they have to sneak around, they will stop… View Article

Types of love in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

In the play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by William Shakespeare, several examples of love’s association with a higher power are presented like Theseus arranging a marriage between himself and Hippolyta, Egeus choosing who Hermia should marry and the fairies who have the ability to control love in the Enchanted Forest. There are many instances in… View Article

Romeo and Juliet

How does William Shakespeare present violence and conflict in Romeo and Juliet and what does the audience learn from the consequences of the characters action? In Romeo and Juliet the themes of conflict and violence are very important. The prologue, which acts as an overview of the play, highlights this. The lines “From ancient grudge… View Article

Romeo & Juliet: Final Assessment- Who’s Most Responsible?

In the tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, there are a lot of key events and misfortunes that occur and change the course of the play. However, although some might say that Friar Lawrence is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, it is, in reality, because of Romeo’s impulsive, rash, and… View Article

The play Romeo and Juliet

The play Romeo and Juliet is about two young lovers, who’s love was destined to be broken because of the hatred between the Capulets and Montagues. Set in Verona, Romeo, a Montague, meets Juliet, a Capulet. They fall in love and marry although their families hate each other. Most of the themes in Romeo and… View Article

Analytical Response: Romeo and Juliet

Act 3, Scene 1 contributes to making Romeo and Juliet a true tragedy as this scene is the unfolding of a series of ill-fated events (3.1.84-87) ‘This days black fate on more days doth depend. This but begins the woe others must end’. Violence and blood is demanded early in the scene, as Tybalt is… View Article

Theme of Love in Act 1 Romeo and Juliet

“A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life” : by using these words in his Prologue and by describing Romeo and Juliet as being “star-cross’d” Shakespeare is alluding to destiny, the inevitability of the two characters’ paths crossing each other and suggests that the outcome is going to be fatal. The Prologue is written in… View Article

Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet

In William Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare uses many literary devices, such as characterization, to make his play effective. Indirect and direct characterization is used with Mercutio in act 2, scene 4 to help the audience perceive his vulgar character. While Mercutio was frolicking, the nurse asks Romeo, “I pray you, sir, what saucy… View Article

Cyrano de Bergerac vs Romeo & Juliet Balcony Scenes

Shakespeare and Rostand employ unique writing methods in order to show the battle the characters in each of their plays, Romeo and Juliet and Cyrano de Bergerac partake in to express their true feelings for one another. Each play utilizes the motifs and themes of light versus dark and societal views that work against or… View Article

Benvolio Mask

For my Benvolio mask, I chose the color blue for loyalty, the dove’s wing for being a peacemaker, and the monocle to represent wisdom. In public, when Benvolio enters the scene, he sees men with raised swords so he told them to “put up your swords” (1,1,76). Tybalt then enters and tells Benvolio to draw… View Article

Romeo and Juliet: Conflict Currupts

In Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare seems to be saying conflict corrupts. Discuss. In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet the tragic events that unfold in the play suggest that Shakespeare’s aim was to show how conflict can destroy the fabric of society. He conveys this through the transformation of Romeo’s character, by frequently using imagery of decay… View Article

Romeo and Juliet Story

In the early stages of Romeo and Juliet, the Montague parents send Benvolio to discern the cause of Romeo’s melancholy. They intervene in his relationship, but in this case it has no long-lasting effects. During Romeo’s relationship with Juliet, adults again intervene; sadly, though, in this case the effects are deeply felt and much more… View Article

Romeo and Juliet’s Love

Romeo and Juliet’s love is not true love. Although they have sworn their love and gotten married, they do not truly love each other. They are too young to know if they really love someone. Although Lady Capulet was already a mother at Juliet’s age, Juliet is not old enough to know what love feels… View Article

Romeo and Juliet: Love or Lust

Reputed to be the best love story ever written by an extensive number of resources, there is no doubt that Romeo and Juliet demonstrate a concise image of unconditional love. However, the real question is what was Shakespeare’s opinion on what true love looks like? And since Romeo and Juliet only knew each other for… View Article

Romeo and Juliet

The soliloquy is an important dramatic device which allows a character in a play to ‘step-out’ of the main action and engage directly with the audience, as if in a one to one confession about their thoughts and feelings, motives and decisions. As seen in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Othello’ the convention is a forceful… View Article

Romeo and Juliet Impulsive Behavior

A simple flaw can be more fatal than death itself. In The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, this becomes apparent to the reader in many cases. Romeo is a very flawed character whose impulsive behavior led to the death of not only himself but also his beloved Juliet. Romeo quickly changing his… View Article

Love at First Sight

Some say that true love is based on physical appearance without a deeper understanding of a person does not exist. Others argue that one may be able to see true love immediately. Shakespeare puts a part of the play to this question. He makes reference to Romeo and Juliet as “crossed lovers”. In other words,… View Article

The Stereotypical Male Character and Masculinity

Social pressure often compels people to do things against their own will. The role of the male in a society is based on a stereotypical figure which represents what all real men should be like. In Romeo and Juliet, the protagonist is an effeminate version of the males in his society. As a result, he… View Article

Romeo and Juliet and Different Writing Devices

Shakespeare has been a very important writer in history because of his special way of writing. Throughout the ages, people have read his literature and taught lessons to the next generations from his writing. Shakespeare had morals and personal values, such as love. He used his special writing style to help people understand how he… View Article

Lady Capulet Analysis

Capulet’s wife is the matriarch of the house of Capulet, and Juliet’s mother. She plays a larger role than Montague’s wife, appearing in several scenes. In Act One, Scene three, she refuses to talk to her daughter about marriage, as she feels uncomfortable about it, but in Scene four, she is pleased about Count Paris’s… View Article

Romeo and Juliet’s Changes

By the end of act 2 Romeo and Juliet have changed considerably from how they were first presented to us. By the end of Act 2, Romeo and Juliet have changed in different ways. It is not evident that the changes they have made are that considerable. Juliet becomes much more mature and less like… View Article