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Romeo And Juliet Essay Examples

Essay on Romeo And Juliet

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Parents and children in Romeo and Juliet

Lord Capulet and his wife are shown to care for Juliet, and at first it seems that Capulet is reluctant for her to leave the family home through marriage. He argues that Juliet “is yet a stranger in the world”; the word “stranger” shows that he feels she is too inexperienced to marry, and that she should perhaps be older and have had more life experience before marrying. This idea is conti...

Fate or Free will Romeo and Juliet

Throughout Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the characters’ own impetuous and brash choices, not fate, bring about the deaths. Characters repeatedly used fate as an excuse by saying the series of events were completely out of their control. In contrast, everything could have been avoided if the characters just decided to think rationally. By having them blame fate, Shakespeare is asserting tha...

Romeo and Juliet blame essay

The Friar is not very observant because he keeps causing destruction and stillmakes mistakes. Friar John to deliver a letter to Romeo that was supposed to inform him of Juliet’s death plan. Friar Lawrence is an expert in the use of seemingly mystical potions and herbs, so he insists that Juliet would use this potion/remedy for her death plan. “If rather than to marry Paris/ I’ll give thee ...

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Helen of Troy allusion from Romeo and Juliet

Helen of Troy is sometimes referred to the face that launched a thousand ships. Helen of Troy was said to be the daughter of Zeus and was kidnapped by Theseus, king of Athens, and Pirithous, king of Larissa because they wanted to make love with the daughter of Zeus before they died. When Helen was older she had thousands of suitors. To pick the suitor Helens father made the suitors all sweat to pr...

Romeo and Juliet "The Balcony Scene" Worksheet


Friar Lawrence Is to Blame for Death of Romeo and Juliet

Friar Laurence largely contributed to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet by marrying them despite their parents, giving Juliet the poison and by not thinking things through clearly. Instead he always tried to find a "quick-fix" solution. However, he has a kind disposition, and honestly tries to help Romeo and Juliet in whatever way he can. This confession, added to the tragic deaths of the young lover...

Romeo and Juliet: The Characteristics of Lord Capulet

Not only is he caring to his family, he also shows courtesy towards his friends and guests. At the masquerade, Lord Capulet displayed his courtesy when he explains to Tybalt, his nephew, that Romeo, “…like a portly gentlemen,”/ where “Verona brags of him/ To be a virtuous and well-govern’d youth/ Here in my house do him disparagement” (I.v. 65-69). Although there is a long standing feu...

Romeo and Juliet: Heroes and Villains

Finally, this quote shows Paris to be heroic in two ways. Firstly, he did not call for the immediate removal of Romeo or his execution as a banished citizen, which he should have rightly done, especially being Prince Escalus’ son. Secondly he talks of his love for Juliet and nothing else even as he dies. The use of commas, shows his last breaths, as Shakespeare breaks up the sentences to show th...

Graded Assignment: Characterization in Romeo and Juliet

Mercutio is smart, and well liked by most. He sets a good example for Romeo and Benvolio, he knows when it is time to fool around, and when life should be taken seriously. He is also calm and displays a confidence in his role, that gives people pause before they act harshly. Without Mercutio there to help his friends, the thoughts and actions they have become more rash. It is Tybalt's slaying of M...

Romeo and Juliet: Are they in love?

While love seems to be a good thing, it’s often painful, causing many problems. For Romeo and Juliet, their love for each other was their ultimate demise. Living without the other was so unbearable that they both had to commit suicide. Based on Aristotle’s three levels of friendship, Romeo and Juliet’s relationship starts out as utility and grows into pleasure and finally into complete love....

Thea 101 Final Project

They have found the meaning of their lives, and comparing with those who have lost themselves, Romeo and Juliet are the real happy ones. Dear audience, maybe you have already found the love and the meaning of your life; maybe you are still on your road of finding true love or seeking for freedom and true self; maybe you have lost in this world that is too complicated and filled with temptations. ...

Romeo and Juliet Movie Comparison


Although “Romeo and Juliet” Was Written by William Shakespeare in About 1600, Its Themes of Fate and Death, Love and Hate Are Enduring Concerns for Us Today. Discuss.

For my mind misgives some consequence, yet hanging in the stars”(Act 1, scene 5, page 42) Here Romeo is scared and doesn’t feel as if he should go to the ball because he thinks there is an event destined by the stars that is going to happen that night. Similarly, today there are people who will base their decisions on how they feel and the consequences of that action. Almost every single perso...

Shakespeare - Sonnet 116 Analysis and Interpretation

This metaphor makes the message more clear, because you can imagine this star guiding the lost sailors in the middle of the ocean and you understand the meaning of the words in an other way than if he had just written: “love is priceless”. In the third quatrain, he begins with: “Love is not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks within his bending sickle’s compass come.” First of all...

Romeo and Mercutio as Contrast Characters

This is very different to how Romeo views dreams because he evidently thinks that dreams are very reliable as he says that it wouldn’t make sense to go to the ball, purely based on the fact that he had ‘dreamt a dream.’ This demonstrates how he believes that his dream would be a reliable source to base his decisions on. Also Mercutio think that dreams are powerless and ridiculous. This is ev...

Examine the Way Shakespeare Presents the Relationship Between Romeo and Rosaline and Romeo and Juliet in the Early Parts of the Play

She is rich in beauty, only poor. That, when she dies, with beauty dies her store| Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear!| Thus from my lips by thine sin is purged| I know not how to tell thee who I am| Feather of leadBright smokeCold fireSick health| she hath Dians wit, and, in strong proof of chastity well armed| My grave is like to be my wedding bed| As a rich jewel in an Ethiops ear. So ...

Romeo and Juliet Movie Analysis

Many people will have their opinions on which movie version they liked better, which movie told the better story, which movie had the better plot, but Romeo and Juliet, the original 1968 version not only follows the plot and theme, but also gives you the way many people would’ve imagined it before they saw the new 1996 version. But if you are to see any Romeo and Juliet version first, I’d sugg...

Romeo and Juliet Essay Love vs Violence

Another act that explores the idea of hatred is also again Act 3, Scene 1 The fight amongst Mercutio, Tybalt and Romeo. This quote takes place in the insults before Tybalt ask Romeo to fight. The quote is a combination of hatred and prejudice that Tybalt has. “Romeo, the love I bear thee can afford no better term than this: thou art a villain,” this show all hatred for Romeo cause. Tybalt expl...

Romeo and Juliet- Victims of Fate or Choice

Juliet’s lifeless body; he made the abrupt decision to kill his self. Juliet awakens shortly after to find Romeo dead and immediately decides to take her life in her own hands to be with him. “O happy dagger, / This is thy sheath,” (5.3.171) and she stabs herself to death. In conclusion; the couple both make a lot of quick decisions and clearly have bad judgment. They felt very strongly that...

Romeo and Juliet vs Wuthering Heights

In “Romeo and Juliet” the portrayal of love is far less unrequited but just as destructive. Almost all the main characters die, much like in “Wuthering Heights”, and both stories reach a relatively similar outcome: returning to peace once the lovers are dead. They have quite grim lessons, the turning point in each being down to miscommunication and possibly fate, since in each story the ...

Romeo and Juliet: The Rivaling Families

The Capulets believe that Juliet is pathetic and strange since she refuses to marry Paris and said she didn’t want to marry in the beginning of the play. The Montagues, however, feel that Romeo is a sad and bitter young man. They don't know Romeo well and Montague proves it when Benvolio asks why Romeo is so sad: “I neither know it nor can I learn of him” (1.1 134). This shows that Montague ...

Fate vs free will

Even when Romeo and Juliet are getting married, foreshadowing makes an appearance. During the marriage Friar Lawrence says that great things can end quickly and that’s exactly what happens. Friar Lawrence was using foreshadowing to display how fate will come into a conflict with Romeo and Juliet’s relationship. This could indicate that something bad is about to happen to Romeo and Juliet. Shak...

Meeting Scene Romeo and Juliet VS Gnomeo and Juliet

In the Asbury’s version of Gnomeo and Juliet the camera angles are used to show that the film is humorous. The camera angle that has been used in the meeting scene Gnomeo and Juliet is an eye level angle; this is shown when Gnomeo and Juliet climbing up the glasshouse and when they both reach for the Orchid. The purpose behind using eye level angle is used to create the scene romantic when they ...

Character Analysis of Florante and Laura

love someone you should not be ashamed to fight for it even if the things that you will encounter are as hard as a diamond. Time flies so fast you’ll never know what will happen so you must cherish and do everything you can do to make every moment lasts. I think another thing that I’ve learned is that you should not be fooled by prejudice because some conflicts are caused by that. But the main...

Romeo and Juliet comparison paper

In addition, the birds-eye shot helps us relate to the intensity and hussle and bussle of the location, although Luhrmann also uses extreme close ups to sum up the emotion and passion in the characters eyes. However Zeffirelli’s shots are of a slower tempo and a gentler pace. One of the main reasons for this is that they couldn’t access the same editing software; nevertheless it contributes t...

The Importance of Studying English

Last but not least,you can also enjoy read a literary works.You can buy and read an exciting novel books. There are many literary works or classics novel that were written by Willian Shakespear.Example of the books that written by Willian Shakespear is Romeo and Juliet and Twelftth Night. Most of the literary books were exciting to read.At least,reading a literary books can gain more knowledge in ...

Romeo and Juliet Annotated Biboliography

This play will keep the reader interested while including characters you grow to love despite their ignorance and often terrible decisions. Although the story is well written and contains a good blend of humor all readers must be warned, it is not a “light read” but instead stays completely true to its devastating genre. The levels of depth in personality applied to all characters involved gav...

Courtly Love in Romeo and juliet

Perhaps Shakespeare wanted the audience to comprehend how sweet love can bring the most violent of outcomes and what is commonly read in poems or tales are unrealistic and not a true representative of what love is truly like. Maybe it was Shakespeare’s own way of providing the audience of a ‘reality check’, just as Juliet did with Romeo in the play. Many things could be understood from this ...

Theme of fate in Romeo & Juliet - GCSE coursework

Establishing shots of a desert present Romeo as alone and vulnerable. In the tomb Romeo recognises that Juliet appears to still be living. “Thou art not conquered, beauty easing yet” his intelligence almost overcomes fate, which is personified here as powerful and violent force. Luhrmann presents Romeo as addressing fate, rather than Juliet. He looks at the sky, to the starts which are closely...

Romeo and Juliet vs Antigone

Plot structure, conflict, life lessons, and fatal flaws can all sway in entirely opposite directions, depending on how these three themes are used. In Romeo and Juliet and Antigone, these three themes also show the many similarities and differences that we often times tend to overlook. These similarities and differences not only reveal agate themes that the settings can often times conceal, but ov...

Romeo and Juliet Compare and Contrast

In the animated film Gnomeo and Juliet the gardens that both Gnome families reside are being attacked by a bulldozer. The bulldozer then explodes, which causes chunks of debris to come flying at Juliet’s tower. Gnomeo and Juliet both stand there, hand in hand, awaiting their deaths. The tower is crushed and both of the Gnomes families believe that their children are dead. Romeo’s mother tells...

Shakespeare’s Friar Laurence and The Nurse

The Nurse is the only guest at Romeo and Juliet’s wedding and it is Friar Laurence who marries them. Each of these characters, therefore, has a central role in the play. It is Friar Laurence who gives Juliet the sleeping draught to be used to convince her famnily that she is dead. His letter to Romeo goes missing and this is key to Romeo’s suicide when he too believes that Juliet has taken her...

Presence of Death in Literature

New York: Norton, 1992 The Shakespeare play “Romeo and Juliet" was helpful for my essay because it was one of the plays I used to link to the presence of death. In addition, “Romeo and Juliet” is home to the most famous death in literature and had to be inserted in my essay. William Shakespeare, ed. A. C. Bradley. Shakespearean tragedy: Macbeth. New York: Penguin, 1991. The Shakespeare play ...

The Theme of Love and Hate

Jesus taught the important lesson of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Another important message is found in a passage from Corinthians. It states “Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not envy; it does not boast; it is not proud. It is not rude; it is not self-seeking; it is not easily angered, it keeps no records of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the...

Conflict 'Romeo and Juliet'

The theme of conflict is important in this play because it reflects the type of social conditions that existed at the time that Shakespeare wrote his play. It is interesting that although our social conditions have changed, the underlying themes and circumstances here could apply to our society today. Young, violent, men fighting over territory/honour and (like Tybalt) being killed in the crossfir...

Character Traits of Lord Capulet

Throughout the play Capulet shows a range of emotions, but at all times he seems to be honest in what he says and does, not pretending something he does not feel. He is welcoming towards his guests, including Benvolio and Romeo, berates Tybalt, is friendly towards Paris and angry towards Juliet when she appears not to appreciate his match-making efforts. He is obviously not accustomed to, or willi...

"Romeo and Juliet" - The balcony Scene

Having little else of substance to say, Juliet asks about time tomorrow when shall send for Romeo, and then offers the alternative couplet: "Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow/That I shall say good night till it be morrow" (ll.184-185). When she departs, Romeo now alone concludes scene with two rhymed couplets: Sleep dwell upon they eyes, peace in thy breast!/Would I were sleep a...

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