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Romanticism, Realism, Photography Test Essay

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (637 words)
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awe mixed with terror
The term “sublime” was considered to inspire which of the following feelings?

Henry Fuseli
Which of the following artists represented what was called the “sublime” in eighteenth-century art?

use of a palette of dirty browns and grays
In Courbet’s The Stonebreakers it has been said that he reveals to the viewer the drudgery of manual labor. What technique did he use to convey this message?

Rosa Bonheur in her most famous work, The Horse Fair has depicted the power and strength of the Percherons.

The dramatic lighting, loose brushwork, and rolling sky reveal her admiration for which of the following artists.

The Gross Clinic
Thomas Eakins was an artist who had a desire to portray things as he saw them and not as the public might want them portrayed. Which of the following is one of his works that demonstrated this?

Winslow Homer
Which of the following artists had firsthand knowledge and experience of the American Civil War?

her look of cool indifference and shamelessness
The French viewing public were greatly horrified by Manet’s Olympia not only because of the portrayal of a naked prostitute as a work of art but also due to which of the following?

Through the use of polished illusionism
How did Bouguereau depict fictional themes or mythological subjects in his paintings?

the illusion of continuous change
Muybridge used his device, the zoopraxiscope to project a series of images.

Based on the motion studies he performed, Muybridge proved that the brain holds whatever the eye sees for a fraction of a second after the eye stops seeing it. The illusion of motion was created. Which of the following was also created as a result of the illusion of motion?

Las Meninas
Sargent, an expatriate American artist living and working in London, developed a style of applying paint in thin layers in order to create a quick and lively illusion. He learned this technique after studying which of the following works?

The mood in The Thankful Poor by Tanner is one of quiet devotion, not far removed from the Realism of which of the following artists?

red dove
In Rossetti’s Beata Beatrix, the model for this image was the artist’s wife, Elizabeth Siddal. She died shortly before Rossetti began the panting. He incorporated two symbols commemorating her death. Which of the following is one of those symbols?

realistic scenes as he saw them
Courbet preferred to paint which of the following themes?

Which of the following artists was most concerned with painting realistic scenes of poor and oppressed peoples?

the aftermath of a nineteenth-century French shipwreck and was considered an attack on government ineptitude
Géricault’s Raft of the Medusa represents which of the following?

a temple of glory for Napoleon’s armies
La Madeleine in Paris was intended for which of the following purposes?

the birth of individual freedoms in the country
François Rude’s sculpture La Marseillaise for the Arc de Triomphe represents which of the following moments in French history?

Delacroix and Ingres
The great “Romantic dialogue” about color and form was carried on in the famous contest between which of the following artists?

Which of the following artists painted in the United States?

American Civil War
Timothy O’Sullivan documented which of the following wars?

Who among the following artists liked to paint images of the Romantic transcendental landscape?

civil unrest
Which of the following conditions is characteristic of the 19th century agrarian working class and is missing from the Haywain by Constable?

What did Thomas Eakins believe was a prerequisite for his art?

Who studied with Eakins before moving to Paris?

ethereal, dreamlike images
Julia Margaret Cameron used a short focal length lens that allowed only a small area of sharp focus. What kind of effect would a lens like this produce?

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