Romantic Story by John Green

In this romantic book titled The Fault in Our Stars written by John Green, the author has brought readers a beautiful story of love and tragedy. The book is about Hazel Grace Lancaster, a teen girl diagnosed with thyroid cancer, attends Support Group, where cancer patients gather to do activities. Then, Hazel meets a young boy named Augustus Waters, is a survivor of cancer, has had osteosarcoma. The story continues their friendship and even more when Augustus expresses his love, but Hazel tries to put him away.

Though they have many similarities to share with each other: their favorite books, their own stories of survivors, and so on. Because of being invited by one author of Hazel’s favorite book, they come to Amsterdam together and have the fabulous moment there.

Towards the end of the book Augustus and Hazel declare their love for each other but… plot twist. Then Augustus tells Hazel a heartbreaking news that let their world collapse.

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It is also a story of cancer teenagers who try to show their friends and family with smiles, not tears. He leads us from anger to romance, friendship to love, terrible but beautiful. John Green shines the light for all cancer patients. Part of the reason for its success is because of the realistic of cancer patients, and his writing style with compelling story telling tone helps the readers clearly understand the content without much effort. This book has become a phenomenon around the world, which has the sales of nearly 1 million copies of the novel in print in January 2013 and had been voted as #1 on The New York Times Best Seller list for Children’s Chapter Books and remained in that spot for seven consecutive weeks.

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It also was #1 on The Wall Street Journal bestseller list, #1 on the Indiebound bestseller list, #9 on The Bookseller bestseller list, and The New York Times Book Review Editor’s Choice. In 2014, The Fault in Our Stars is an American romantic tragedy film, directed by Josh Boone, based on the novel of the same name. and it even made into movie in 2014 directed by Josh Boone (Wikipedia).

However, it has been banned from the Riverside Unified School District middle school because at least one parent, Karen Krueger, who felt the morbid plot, crude language, and sexual content was inappropriate for her children. Finally, they pulled the best-selling John Green novel out of middle schools in district (Vanity Fair). I have never read a book about cancer, so I was so excited when first opening it. This book truly gets me on a roller coaster of emotion from laughing to crying. I love that book, and I rate 4.5 stars out of 5. I love Augustus Waters by the way he treats everyone and everything. He always keeps an optimistic mind, and he is the factor that helps the readers feel at ease with his letter at the end of a vulnerable story. Hazel and Gus are a wonderful couple of love and hope; overcoming and surviving cancer; tragedy and beauty. I truly recommend this book because it not only helps readers understand the world of survivors, but also brings a positive energy that helps people overcome difficulties when they believe.

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