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Romantic Relationships Development

Romantic Relationships are very complex. The process of a relationship is more detailed than most think. There is a whole process before dating like a meeting, talking, exchanging numbers, and if things go well from here, go on a date. During this chapter, I was able to learn more about the process of different types of relationships.

In a romantic relationship, and interpersonal theory is an important part. Interpersonal theory in a romantic relationship is defined to be the communication, passion, trust, and respect displayed for the other partner in the relationship.

Meeting other people in a romantic way can be hard sometimes. How a person acts toward another when they first meet may or may not ignite a newly found romance. Attraction to another person involves seeing them in person not just over social media or dating apps of today’s society. Seeing a person face to face is the best way to decide if the relationship will continue or not.

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An individual’s personality also plays a major role in dating. It is important to get to know a person before and during a relationship. There will always be new things to learn and discover about your partner.

Interpersonal behaviors are very hard to display at times. These behaviors require a person to open up with their partner and this can be difficult for people sometimes. Speaking from personal experience, it can be difficult to allow someone to become so close to you and know so much about you, things that you may have never told anyone, you find yourself telling that person.

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Communication, along with trust, is important and is part of the foundation of any relationship. It may not always happen this way but, being happy with yourself before trying to make someone else happy is something I found out the hard way. Ecology was also discussed during this chapter and I briefly want to mention it. Ecology in a romantic relationship focuses more on the meeting location and the influence that this meeting location has on the relationship. Both of these are important to romantic relationships, but the interpersonal theory was more interesting and had more complex details to it.

In conclusion, I felt that the interpersonal theory was more relatable to my life and personal experiences with romantic relationships. I have never thought about the small details that go along with the interpersonal theory. This whole chapter opened my eyes to various different relationships, whether it was romantic relationships or family relationships. Interpersonal theory through romantic relationships was displayed through the chapter, describing some of the major processes of this theory. I enjoyed this chapter because I could relate to almost all of the chapters and reading this chapter made me understand the details of different relationships that I was unaware of.

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