Romantic love Essay

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Romantic love

Relationships are present in every aspect of life. These are helpful in the fulfilment of different tasks, especially when dealing with life in general. One of the most popular relationships is Friendship. As known to many, there are different kinds of friendship that exist among people. These usually depend on the depth of friendship two or more people have for each other. Acquaintance is the type of friendship wherein two people do not engage in a deep friendship. They are only bonded by similarities, after meeting and being introduced to each other.

Nothing deeper in the friendship follows. Pen pals, on the other hand, is the type of friendship that originated from the exchange of letters. This kind of friendship is similar to a profound friendship that may exist between two people who are physically near each other. The only difference is that pen pals do not see each other, and only communicate through the letters they send each other. Being roommates may also be considered as friendship. In this case, two people who have different upbringings may be brought together primarily because they share a room together.

From being strangers, these two individuals would tend to become the confidante of each other. In this manner, they would tend to share thoughts, feelings, experiences, and emotions towards everything that happens in their daily lives. Unfortunately, there are some who turn out to be enemies, primarily because they get too much familiar with each other. Moreover, social friendship may also exist in a group or a membership, such as clubs. These groups normally share a common interest in dealing with issues, such as poverty and the like.

Mostly, the people involved in this kind of relationships are professionals, who all share a common goal in the upheaval of the people and that of society. Being buddies with someone is also considered as a type of friendship. This type of friendship is usually attributed for an informal meeting that would happen between peers. Normally, this is the classification of people who meet in school and even in the work area. They share similarities, such as dining in restaurants and going to the mall to hang out.

Not much is expected from these people in terms of their intellectual capacity, for their professions are not given much importance. Mostly, the bonding of this kind of friendship is for the happiness and enjoyment of the people Another type to be considered is spiritual friendship. This is the type of friendship that exists between people who share the same faith. For this faith, two individuals are brought closer together, wherein they show support and care for each other. The more profound types of friendship include platonic love, romantic love, and an intimate relationship.

Platonic love is the relationship that normally exists between friends and relatives. In this relationship, the people involved usually show love and care that are not to be regarded as something with malice. Time and care are exerted, and they make each other comfortable. Furthermore, Romantic love exists more than what platonic love can offer. This kind of relationship is the opposite of what Platonic love has to offer. There is also a quest for a deeper relationship towards each other. In addition to this, jealousy is experienced, and there is a struggle to always be with the one you love.

In addition to this, there are more memories celebrated together, such as anniversaries. Sweetness also exists between lovers that go beyond what is seen in platonic love. Sometimes, the depth of the relationship also involves intimacy among the lovers, wherein most of their innermost emotions are reflected. No matter what classification your friendship with people would fall, there is always something to look forward to. No man is born alone; each and everyone of us always has someone to run to in good times and in bad.

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